Lei Jun proposal five suggestions to improve the entrepreneurial environment

March 4th afternoon, the National People’s Congress, the company’s founder Lei Jun millet issued a proposal to improve the entrepreneurial environment, simplify the issues related to the company registration process and purchase invoice naming suggestions.

The following

is Lei Jun "on improving the entrepreneurial environment of the proposed" full text:

Eighteen report

party explicitly pointed out that "firmly grasp entity economy development the solid foundation, a more conducive to the development of the real economy policies and measures to promote the healthy development of strategic emerging industries and advanced manufacturing industries, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, promote the service industry especially the modern service industry development and growth, support Small and micro businesses especially the technology Small and micro businesses development." At the same time, the report also pointed out that "we should implement the policy of self employment, market regulation and employment, the government’s promotion of employment and encourage entrepreneurship, the implementation of the employment priority strategy and a more active employment policy. Encourage multi-channel and multi forms of employment, promote entrepreneurship to promote employment. Strengthen vocational skills training, improve the employability and entrepreneurship, enhance employment stability."

to build an innovative country, the enterprise is the most important subject of technological innovation, to promote the construction of an innovative country, it is necessary to cultivate a large number of innovative enterprises full of vitality. China’s current business environment, compared with America, in addition to the Silicon Valley venture gene called, including allowing massive failure, good idea, venture capital group support, a number of outstanding mentors, more important is the government’s policy support and a good business environment.

entrepreneurial environment is a public resource, the government plays an important role in shaping a good entrepreneurial environment. There are two ways to form the entrepreneurial environment, one is to rely on the market to create a natural, one is conscious of the government to shape and build. As a result of the public characteristics of the entrepreneurial environment, the government needs to play a leading role in the positive role.

entrepreneurial environment for the development of a country’s economy has a very important impact, to improve the entrepreneurial environment requires the joint efforts of various social forces. In the entrepreneurial environment, policy factors will have a "lag" role with the changes of social, market and economic environment, so it is necessary to improve and optimize the entrepreneurial environment.

at present, the state has introduced the relevant policies on the construction of the entrepreneurial environment, but there are still many specific problems in the actual operation of venture enterprises. To simplify issues related to the company registration process and purchase invoice naming suggestions.

question 1: on the issue of industrial and commercial filing documents review

At present,

industrial and commercial authorities submit documents audit personnel to review its acceptance of the business record file in the window receiving enterprises, these documents often include "articles of association", "equity transfer agreement", "capital agreement" or set up more complex legal document. Because auditors do not have the time and expertise to fully review the documents, they are often forced to use their simple format template, and does not allow companies to modify these templates.


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