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advertising Description:
PK2WIN aims to provide a more clean and healthy environment for the Chinese entertainment network users can realize free games through advertising sponsorship, and also be able to obtain material rewards. We design the ladder type upgrade system is a very rigorous algorithm based on can provide users with low to 10 yuan, up to 167 thousand yuan bonus, while all the game outcome by strict anti cheat system to protect the rights and interests of game player.

specific activities are as follows:
1: I believe the majority of the members have registered the PK king ID and full of wisdom in the game was the king of PK, confrontational PK game, in order to win 24 and fight. In order to 167772 yuan to continue to work hard to play your wisdom.
2:PK2WIN thanks for the game player today, held King hundred new year PK, delivery bonus. Since you began to participate in the activities, as long as 24 hours to play with the 100 game, win or lose the proportion and the final result, PK2WIN will directly send you 2 yuan bonus! You can directly participate in more than 7 games PK. To win 4 consecutive games, you can get $10 in cash. If you don’t want to pay for cash and win a game, you can get $20 in cash.
3: I believe that most of the members will have to complain about the problems in the game, and now the Chinese PK Wang has been reduced from the original answer to the question of bright road. The problem is that there are 5 types, then you are familiar with, is no longer bother.
4: play a game time is short, 15 minutes can play more than 10 innings.

all through membership website advertising guide became the king of PK registered users, all the number of games played in 30 days are recorded in the account, according to each 0.015 yuan settlement. The more you play, the more commissions. User A in 30 days to participate in the game board number is N, then the B can get 0.45N (30N× $0.015) = the amount of commission. According to current statistics, PK2WIN users play at least 30 games a day. That is, at least 1 valid for the site’s main B contribution of $13.5! The CPC or CPL Commission is much higher!

if you have any questions, please contact customer service QQ:331362639 or submit "online Q & a management". We will be happy to answer your questions!

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