Dare to face several stages of entrepreneurial failure

we all know that failure is the mother of success, but few people would dare to face failure, summarize the failure, they tend not to be defeated in this matter, but failed in successfully before the dawn of time, they chose to give up, to deny the past efforts; the love nest to give you a summary of several stages may experience failure:

the first stage: success comes and goes

when you are trying to get some success in a small stage, there will be dizzy with success feeling, often mistake here to start. For example, a team spent two or three years developing a new product, the angels of all ages, the lack of financing, some strategic thinking entrepreneurs will spend the money to set up his own company, a beautiful office decoration, to start a large-scale recruitment, such amazing behavior does not burn in the one or two year, the company began to financial problems, layoffs, bankruptcy, team disband problems often occur, and then recall the past success, everything is nothing, the old feeling of the bad things should not happen in their own body, the real origin of all problems are the reasons why


second stages: never admit error

some entrepreneurs to identify their own direction as the company’s strategic layout, the lack of thoughtful consideration. To the problem before the root of the problem is not clear, do not consider from the original direction, blindly put the error in other people, thinks he is in the right direction, the other is his thing messed up. To the capital when problems arise, take responsibility to investors, investors should think again for more money came in and allows the company to change danger into safety this is the entrepreneur, a fatal mistake, never admit a mistake!

third stages: emotional negative

when the failure has become a foregone conclusion when the negative face, the lack of an optimistic attitude to turn things around. The evening meal began to sleep, to sleep during the day, the sun was up to. For their own efforts, the overall negative, hate the industry had been struggling to start complaining about the blame. For example, some entrepreneurs are doing shopping sharing community, Baidu has been shut out, every day in the heart and maintenance of website promotion, why Baidu has not included my website, why other stations do so poorly is included, why do I have to ask why, always ask yourself the air. Will not look for reasons to find a solution.

fourth stages: slowly accept the role of failure

used for a period of time after they began to appear lazy, the reason why calm thinking will fail, in fact, the emergence of this situation has been improved, but many entrepreneurs are very easy to fall into around second and third stages, start accountability what things are no good, as a the entrepreneurs themselves did not do a good job that did not do a good job, and struggle, and missed the prime time to.


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