Let your blog also make money Google AdSense blog Raiders

now many friends have their own blog, every day to spend some time writing articles. Article written well, naturally there will be a lot of fans point of view, the flow will be up. But have you ever thought that a blog with high traffic can earn dollars?. Many bloggers are supporting a variety of custom modules and writing articles can be very free to insert the HTML code, which makes you in your own BLOG above the release of GOOGLE advertising is fully feasible. And now Sina, NetEase, Sohu, YAHOO and other major portal level sites have blog system, to a registration, take part in some circle of friends, exchange links, so that your click will soon be up.

This paper begins with the

and the blog to explain in detail how to use blog application delivery ggad. So, are you ready to Wangzhuan


a, registered Google AdSense

to https://s.google.com/adsense registration. If you previously registered Google AdWords (Google ad – the right to pay the right to promote the promotion) then you can use your Google AdWords password login, opened Google AdSense.

Google tips do not support the Chinese, the registration of the letter

need to fill in

the account information you entered is as follows: (XX represents the information of the hidden webmaster)

payee: Wang Xiaobo or Xiaobo Wang (this information must not be wrong, once submitted can never be changed. The name, the name of the order can be in accordance with Chinese habits, can also be reversed by English habits

address: Room 102, Building 3

address (Continuation):Hua Xi Cun 2

City: Nanjing

state, province or region: Jiangsu

zip code: 210000

countries / regions: China

Tel: +86-25-85414 (Note: country code and area code before you add 0


products: AdSense for content (for content AdSense) and AdSense for search (for search of AdSense)

website: www.pp2pp2.cn

website language: Chinese (Simplified)

please make sure all the information is correct before continuing. The name of the drawee or country / region cannot be changed after this.


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