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in the wave of the Internet era, the form and approach of entrepreneurship on the Internet can be said to be a thriving, people began to need to start a new business environment and the coexistence of entrepreneurial methods. People have to look together in the Internet this big cake, involved in the Internet business, and be fond of, because of Internet entrepreneurs in the business can continue to create a miracle, and the network environment standardization and legalization, will undoubtedly make those upcoming entrepreneurs or people are planning in the ready to. The charm of the Internet is great, but the reality is cruel, on the road of entrepreneurship, always accompanied by someone successful, someone failed bipolar situation. In these two aspirations, there are rules to follow, then the Internet business needs to prepare what resources? The following is mainly from the four points of analysis.

first, basic necessary conditions. We are in the process of entrepreneurship, these necessary conditions are many, mainly based on the comprehensive analysis of the projects involved. First of all, the choice of working environment, environmental impact of work efficiency and mood, whether it is to buy things, or do creative design, the environment is to ensure the quality of the future work. The second is the equipment and facilities of the configuration, because it is the Internet business, computer network is simple, standard, smooth internal communication and coordination and so on the basic conditions of the office. Then is to find a good partner, or is the coordination and cooperation of the team, the team run up that can often achieve a multiplier effect, the team member, and a clear division of labor for future business development to provide a lot of convenience. Finally, it is involved in entrepreneurial projects, the quality of the project management, and the initial choice also has a certain impact, of course, is not conclusive, is indeed able to facilitate their own way to start.

second, funding issues. Money should be said that throughout the business, as the saying goes, An army marches on its stomach., funds can be said to a very crucial role. If you say that in the whole process of entrepreneurship, with a good capital chain or sufficient liquidity, indeed in the whole process to give entrepreneurs a lot of trouble. Here the "forage" resources, not necessarily entrepreneurs themselves have, but must have the ability to seek funds. This requires the entrepreneurial project has a strong feasibility, to attract interested investors, in order to solve the most difficult problem of "food". Perhaps the beginning does not require a lot of start-up capital, but in the process of development, after, will become an important problem, affect the development on entrepreneurship in the process of growth, capital resources is an important factor in business.

third, security mechanism can not be ignored. If you want to say that the system is a resource may be wrong, but the system does determine the extent to which the future of entrepreneurship can go far. Do not rule, not Cheng Fangyuan, at the beginning of the business to establish a basic mechanism, only the most perfect system in order to have the most effective execution. Here are the sources of supply, sales channels, after-sales service, and possible instability factors, as far as the natural requirements

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