Justice in the GG so high handed blocked GG account complaint reply

the day before yesterday, advertising Street hair post http://s.www.adjie.com/club/thread-71295-1-1.html

today’s reply


as you know, Google has been very serious about invalid click activity. We believe that the use of your account is a necessary measure to ensure that your site activities will not continue to give our AdWords advertisers a risk.

we know you may want to get details about our detected activity; however, the need for the protection of our proprietary detection system, we are unable to provide any details about the publisher account activity, including any web page, the user or the third party service may be involved.

my reply to this


you said, still, advertising on the site, if you think I’m normal advertising, advertising click user voluntarily point, I as a webmaster, I cannot control other people to click on ads, and the blame on me, let me take, fair, then. I stand there you say, invalid, but you didn’t give me any warnings and tips from GG has not received you to my station warning, my QQ space station clone "(Baidu second pages, the first forum) since the flow increases, the number of clicks will increase, it is decided by the nature of the site to show what kind of advertisements, the advertisement, I can’t control, put all the blame to me. Do you think it’s fair,


trouble you in Baidu Search Search "QQ space" of the word, see the clone, the first station, his station, what is the cell , please, you look carefully, you will understand why my forum QQ space cloning will lead to invalid points.

This is

to be the title, after others how to do advertising, according to their policy of advertising, but also wrong? Invalid, the station is wrong?? anything stand in others’ shoes and think about you, as a webmaster, if your site visitors at your website advertising. Invalid points, and you do not know whether the invalid points, banned account, what do you think, have been wronged?

here, I would like to make it clear that GG ads on my site is the key words on the cloning of the technology, for advertisers to come, although it is not worth it. This is the fact that

but it’s a bit of a problem to put this down to the publisher. Can I control this thing?

, after all, the official launch of the publisher simply can not control what advertising.

Google no reason


because this station has generated an invalid point, which led to my previous income has been denied, Goog>

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