Google hand decryption the two sides will cooperate to promote Adsence

Personal webmaster of the day, and not with the SP depression and loneliness.

"personal webmaster SMS revenue has accounted for 80% of total revenue, but in the second half of 2006 SP industry after the crackdown, other advertising revenue began to replace the head of the SMS has become the main income." Meitong alliance founder Wu Jingchuan told reporters.

called the "other advertising revenue", mainly refers to all kinds of advertising alliance from paid services, which pay per click, there are some pop by or to display the billing service. At present all kinds of domestic advertising alliance has more than hundreds, including Google, Baidu, Alibaba, Qihoo and other Internet companies self advertising, including good PR, and other professional intermediaries to establish advertising alliance.

personal Adsense in the application of these advertising alliance, placed on the site of a specified advertising code, you can click on the number of proceeds. Because of the advertising alliance offers the price is not the same, a few cents less, more than a few dollars. On the one hand, the cooperation between the personal AdSense and the advertising alliance makes the former realize the profit, on the other hand, it also makes them become the object of contention.

Google2007 in the first quarter of $3 billion 660 million in revenue, $1 billion 350 million in revenue is associated with this type of business Adsence contribution, accounting for 37% of total revenue. From the beginning of 2006, Google Adsence has begun a localization process, the Greater China region has 16 dedicated support team.

market rumors, in order to expand the Adsence business, Google will acquire website, by the latter to enhance the flow of online advertising revenue increase. Previously, Google has teamed up with another partner to invest $10 million to $.

this, stakeholders told reporters that Google and ultimately failed to reach an agreement on the acquisition, the last two sides is a more in-depth cooperation in the business level of the .

these sources said, Google failed to complete the acquisition due to price reasons, IDG (one of the shareholders of the company) and the that Google out of the price is too low ()".

CEO Cai Wensheng said on the phone, the will not be acquired by the Google, the concept of the site will be listed in the union to seek .

Cai Wensheng depicts a picture of the future: China muzike faces many problems, the first is do not know how the bigger flow in the short term; secondly even if the site has the flow, do not know how to make money; once again, some websites although can make money, but by many constraints, such as constraints and advertising click and click on the alliance in the price, and the consistent understanding of click fraud.

"personal website needs a benefit spokesperson." Cai Wensheng believes that 26>

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