Green forest in the face of the new filing policy grassroots webmaster should go out

on 2010, our webmaster grassroots is double way. For we grassroots along the road is more difficult and blocked. 09 years from the notification issued by the Ministry of industry and strengthen the verification of the site for the record, caused the attention of the media and the industry, exactly is most concerned about the IDC and the webmaster who. Rather, it is related to their jobs and hobbies. For our grassroots webmaster is a heavy blow.

according to the notification requirements, the person responsible for the site I need to carry the original documents and materials required for verification of access to the service unit for the record site for verification procedures. Access service units to be collected and retained in the record site responsible for the color of full faced photo. Filing Center production, with a mark of the curtain as background pictures, photos should display photos of time and background logo.

recently, with some of the space business to get the message, in the last week has been determined that the system will soon begin to perform, at the same time, the Internet has been sent to the owners to take the test template. If the formal implementation of the system, so as a webmaster, it will surely make the record because of the high cost of making a small website have been eliminated, at the same time, such as new network, 10 thousand nets, around the room and other related industries will also face severe atrophy. China grassroots Internet industry is also essential to say goodbye. That our grassroots webmaster where to go ah.

if required in accordance with the system, believe most Adsense may unable to bear such a high price and give up the station; for our webmaster, is too sad for this, and give up, our webmaster Xinyou and inadequate ah, after all, the price is too high, if required in accordance with the system, the severity of I suggest, grassroots webmaster grasp things to face reality. Can’t afford to take the price, or find a way out of the good (everyone please don’t spit my slobber oh). After all, the road is blocked and the so-called Biluma, why want to die in this way? Passepartout Rome line can make money.

so, according to the current Internet policy factors, personal webmaster think it is necessary to go out. Not only in the webmaster of the ranks. If required in accordance with the system. For we grassroots webmaster, we grassroots webmaster is sad. Even if you have much but can not change, because we are a small webmaster that is a big country and collective, we fight him, like the death of an ant.

AD my last station (, reproduced retain station, hope that the webmaster don’t hit egg

Oh, thank you!

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