Thunder Union rules which will be interpreted as cheating behavior

I think the speed of the thunder alliance is very good, but the thunder has been concerned about the Union for 1 years, the thunder alliance never provides advertisers registration. A large advertising alliance actually includes two parts, one is the main members of the alliance refers to the site owner, the two is the advertisers. Advertisers and website owners can gain from the platform, so that the advertising alliance to better run up.

has a deep understanding of the blog article must be original, in the A5/CHINAZ submission is easy to succeed, will let more readers like your article and blog. Recently, I intend to read the rules of the major league, and register a union account. What do we need to know about the alliance?.

Purpose: Thunder Thunder

alliance alliance is a thunderbolt growing user base and leading-edge technology based on partners and share interests into website statistics service, so as to achieve win-win cooperation together. Thunder alliance advocates cooperation, sharing, win-win brand spirit, advertisers and web site owners to tap and provide the most valuable cooperation. Read this paragraph of word meaning, is actually to allow advertisers and site owners benefit from the benefits of thunder thunder alliance, also obviously, both the service fee or as the thunder itself promotion, can make the thunder to become the biggest winner of this platform.

thunder alliance website owners can be said to apply for the account to be more stringent than the Taobao alliance, thunder union requires domain verification, that is, you do not have a top-level domain name can not be applied to the account. There is no requirement for the site’s Alexa ranking. Get account is also very simple, is to spend 200 yuan to buy a domain name and space, you can get the.

thunderbolt alliance and belongs to download business, if you are a website resource download website, you can add the business, optional full and semi thunder thunder, with the user’s download behavior and enjoy the commissions and dogs corresponding to your website to bring high return flow. For the second half of the analysis for the dog to search the first search with thunder download site. The calculation method of download business commission, according to the effective installation amount paid is generated according to the thunder 5, thunder special chain measurement payment effective WEB installed capacity of thunder client; the effective installation refers to the user to install the client after the completion of a thunder download on the same day, and every computer every day to calculate the first installation. One thousand installation of fifty yuan.


alliance is a search business, revenue product search engine based on the dog, whether you are what type of website, can be added to the business; we provide various forms of search entrance, including search box, text, pictures, links, pure charts and text recommended, you can according to the your site layout need to choose the type and size of suitable; search business by dog ", you can also get the return flow. For all of the search business, you need to have a large enough flow of the site, in order to gain access to the interests of the search business. Dog search

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