Wangzhuan propaganda techniques

would rather send a quality post, do not want to spend a lot of time to make the sky flying junk posts, which has been the experience of many years to make friends.

suggested to some of the more famous forum, such as: Chinese Wangzhuan station

only the quality of the forum to make your post as soon as possible, to be the engine, and then to search.

we are mainly for the search engine. Let others through Baidu search to our advertising.

first enter keywords in Baidu for example: enter the China Wangzhuan station, make money, make money online part-time, and then come out a lot ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ the keywords ", we directly in the web site located along these posts, then Baidu will be included in your site. Or directly in the search out "behind keep abreast, your post would allow others to search. This method is also very important. We Chinese people like to use Baidu search.

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