How can not earn money to make money online

network to make money is not a mystery, the site is hard to work hard to promote the operation of the site through the website, and network fraud and other illegal ways to make money online marketing has an essential difference. The main mode of the network to make money include: website traffic conversion mode; sales commission mode; online sales product sales model.

(1) – site traffic conversion mode for advertisers in their website advertising and website visits into advertising revenue (usually in this model, network alliance forms such as Google AdSense, Baidu for advertising, eBay eBay’s membership registration Commission etc.). In these networks in Google AdSense is one of the League to join the number of sites is also the largest Commission of the highest proportion of the network alliance, if you have your own personal website or blog and have a certain amount of access, you can get benefits through the application of Google AdSense.

(2) sales commission model – such as and websites to join the website alliance, to promote products for these retail e-commerce website on their website, when the user through the website of the link to product excellence and Dangdang or purchase, union members will receive a sales commission (usually in the sales of 6-10%).

(3) selling products online sales model – you can set up an online store on eBay, Taobao and other large e-commerce platform, or the creation of an independent online sales website, gain by selling products online.

Of course,

and some other methods can make money through the Internet, such as blog post for blog advertising revenue (such as blog and blog blog for Gold Alliance); free software bundled adware mode (by advertising software provider payment free software revenue Commission, for example some software tools bundled network real name), but it is now known as the rogue software is condemned; introduce new users to join (offline, but if need to pay, in fact has become the network marketing).

either way, need to own website, online store, blog and other serious business, if you want something for nothing or improper choice of the way to make money online, or deceived, or hard, how also can not earn money.

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