A way to make money on Taobao sellers reselling coupons

in the booming business as everyone knows, no matter economy today, or a plains of the ancient times, there have been a group of people alive in everyone’s sight, they use the law of value, the principle of the simple economic supply and demand, through various means of hoarding and profiteering, earn high profits in order to achieve the purpose of people, bring them an interesting the name "scalpers".

we are easy to talk about in the Taobao C2C online shopping platform, through the B2C shopping site reselling coupons, profit scalpers. When some consumers through search engines and other tools, is looking around the major mall coupons, some people see the business opportunities. They get coupons through a variety of channels, set up shop in Taobao and other platforms, ranging from 0.1 yuan to one hundred dollars selling coupons coupons, so as to make a profit.

what is the coupon

Coupons: give the holder the right to some special coupons (such as credit items or enjoy the guests discount coupons can be traced back to 1887. In 1887, Coca-Cola pioneered the launch of coupons to attract more people to buy their own drinks.

coupon category:

cash coupons, consumers hold coupons $


experience coupons, consumer coupons consumer experience part of the service

gift coupons, consumer coupons can be used to receive the designated gift

discount coupons, consumer coupons consumption can enjoy a discount of

special coupons, consumer coupons can be purchased

exchange coupons, consumers hold the coupon can be exchanged for the designated goods

The role of

coupons for businesses and consumers

The essence of

coupons for businesses is actually a short-term consumer tool, and it just integral constitute the basic tool for daily marketing, help to increase the quantity of businesses in a certain extent.

coupons for consumers, online shopping groups, it can be appropriate to reduce the online shopping expenses, reduce the cost of shopping, to achieve the purpose of saving money. If consumers receive a coupon to the online shopping network in Longxiang shopping guide website, through its website to the shopping site shopping, a discount coupons can be a certain degree of shopping money, but also have a certain proportion of the net cash return longxiang. This is a discount, very careful in reckoning.

really profitable reselling coupons

through the Taobao search box, we literally yisou, reselling coupons too many to count Taobao store. Coupons generally they are priced at 0.1 yuan -100 yuan. Some people will say, 0.1 yuan, 1 yuan, 2 yuan, general Taobao sellers, reselling a coupon, should also not much profit. We may wish to analyze their profit

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