Teach you how to do alliance advertising day earn three hundred

day to earn 300 yuan, with the title of the party, but careful operation, slow work, can do it!

domestic advertising alliance often practices you are roughly PC with the new Muzi, Xianfeng, Qianqian software to click. Not to do CPA class constantly changing IP, registration false information. CPS is the temptation to pass on to do.

this month, the latest test of the new practice of the domestic union. We have found that the domestic league is very large, and the lack of the main site is common in each league, so the league has its own promotional advertising, if you apply for an advertising alliance can hang the union recommended advertising, through your recommendation to join the advertising alliance website certification success will give you into the income of 5-10 yuan.

, of course, earn a lot more than any other advertising, assuming that one day a recommendation from your site to apply for the union of 20 referrals, there are 20 people apply for how much money? 5 yuan / *20 alliance *20 personal =2000 yuan / day.

is the specific operation.

first, their first screen 20 or more good reputation to become the main site of the union, the condition is that the Union has to do recommend advertising, recommend a minimum of more than 5 yuan. The more you can apply for an alliance, the more money you can make, and the recommendation of the alliance to one of your websites, or 20 posts on the forum.

second do auction advertising, which is absolutely $300 project, the network free training offline, after payment of income. Tell them the same way, and then let them go to the source station next to their respective stations to apply for these 20 alliances, after the application is completed so that they also put the application of these 20 alliance advertising, to recommend others to apply.

some details do not disclose the details of the idea to everyone, to extend their own way to make money a lot, we work hard!

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