The integrity of the alliance platform to build his good

Beijing has a lot of food market, every day there are various greengrocer here and customers free trading, so the market is also commonly known as the free market. The stall frequented neighborhood aunt know, the first time to a new vendor to buy food, a home must have said, to prevent the hawkers in said gimmicks Quejinduanliang thing happened. If a vendor is secretly like aunt found, soon all the aunt who are not patronize the stalls, after all available and there are a lot of market stalls. Of course, most suffer, or other market vendors, because of a rat shit stir bad pot of soup. The integrity of a vendor affects the integrity of the market.

it can be seen that the quality of the market environment affects the size of the transaction, the individual behavior of the vendor is directly determine how much income. This is the vegetable market, website alliance is also the truth. If you click on the individual owners to engage in fraud and affect the trust of the group of buyers on the network trading platform, buyers have left, the ultimate loss or the integrity of the seller on the platform. Traffic is always cheating ills small individual alliance, a major obstacle to increase the income of the webmaster is also troubled by the good faith. This is not a single problem can be completely solved, must rely on a fair and impartial trading environment. As the platform itself, there are obligations and responsibilities of maintenance.

it is understood that the theme of a campaign to promote the integrity of the signature campaign is currently being carried out Ali mother forum. Who call individual stationmaster commitment to ensure their own station not cheating that is fair trading, allow the seller to sell happy, let buyers buy the rest assured, we work together to maintain the group income. This is initiated in the name of the owner of the name of the signature is spontaneous organization of users, get support beyond the imagination of Ali’s mother. The webmaster warm reply thread, soon more than three pages. The seller’s actions fully demonstrated the determination of the credibility of our platform to maintain.

why the owners will take the initiative to choose Ali mother’s community to publish this activity?.

first, Ali mother rivers and lakes attracted many buyers and sellers. Allegedly, Ali became the mother of the flow of the market, although its on-line time is only more than three months, but the ranking straight up, seems to have become China’s first network alliance. Ali mother on the platform, the volume of transactions generated every day is far less than other small alliances.

two is Ali mother owns popular favorite users of Alipay, its system after several years of market tests, with integrity protection, reputation, is the most assured of payment on both sides trading tools.

three is from the beginning of the line Ali mother on the integrity of the transaction environment, but also has been trying to shape and maintain the integrity of the atmosphere, this new platform has gathered a large number of integrity webmaster. The many benefits of the webmaster is clearly aware of the mom brought by the mother of Ali as his home, but who will not take care of their home


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