Adsense in addition to advertising to make money

I have been vigorously promoted in many posts to run their own e-commerce site. Maybe some people will misunderstand the site to make money by advertising. In fact, advertising is one of the ways in which the site profit model, not not, but more difficult.

website to attract traffic, and then sell advertising, the threshold is not high, many owners use the free CMS software, around to collect or gather some content on the ad code, it. This way to make cigarette money, no problem. Want to make a living, even want to grow, it is more difficult.

run e-commerce sites, we assume that your conversion rate is one percent, the flow of one hundred, a person to buy your products or services, your profit should be at least a few dollars. Ordinary products sold on the Internet, it should not be something.

if you click on the ads to make money, and now the trend of advertising is a large downward trend. The price per click can be as low as a few cents. One hundred visitors, advertising revenue and e-commerce sites compared to the gap is very large. China _ Webmaster Station, to provide power for Chinese website

but stand in another perspective, although the difficulty of advertising, but once successful, its potential infinite. Google is advertising, there are many large sites. Not long ago, the online version of New York Times has just canceled subscription subscription, all free of charge, the profit model has turned to online advertising.

want to rely on advertising to make money, you can consider three directions.

Do you have a

is unique, can attract a large number of cheap traffic.

, like Google, has become the gateway to most people on the Internet, looking for information will go. New York Times has a lot of exciting content, and so many users. These sites all have their own unique place, can attract huge amounts of cheap traffic.

has a car website free of charge for the purchase of car dealers. This information is usually confidential, and few people will tell you for free, because it will make dealers do not make money. Adsense to spend money to buy the information, free on their website. As a result, car enthusiasts see his site as a reliable source of information, and traffic is increasing. Advertising revenue attendant.

the second direction is to attract highly accurate traffic with commercial value.

The broader the theme of the

website, the more entertainment, the lower the price of advertising. Not only is this kind of Google PPC Adsense auction, but also with advertisers to reach a direct transaction. Advertisers are willing to pay a higher price if your web site is a particular group of people with a particular hobby.

I have a friend in Singapore to run a BMW car forum, the number of members is not much. However, the flow of the site are rich, high spending power. So some companies, such as credit card companies, are willing to put on the high price of advertising on the site.