How to simply make a successful Taobao shop seller

one, put their most familiar industry

earned the first money to start from the most familiar with their own industry, not in a strange field from scratch. There is no strong wealth to support the sale of the small can not afford to stand up to the outsider, this is a can not afford to pay tuition. The famous Benz company is by the two companies merged, the two bosses are Benz and Daimler, two of them were produced the world’s first batch of car, then the car display skills to the full in this field, the achievements of today’s brilliant benz. The world’s richest man Bill · Gates is an outstanding example of success in their familiar industry. The Microsoft Corp in the garage is a giant in the world’s information industry, and Bill · so far, only owns the company, he has never done anything unrelated to the computer business.

two, find their own advantages

not all sellers are equal, carries on the investigation to find the peer sellers will have an advantage over other vendors, is sourcing, quality of products or services, in short to seek to impress customers of the advantages, try to put these advantages into advertising publicity to.

three, keep high spirits and confidence

According to

, the first few months of unsuccessful, almost half of the seller to give up efforts.

The seller of

48% did not succeed after 1 months of hard work;

The seller of

25% did not succeed after 2 months of hard work;

The seller of

15% did not succeed after 3 months of hard work;

12% sellers continue to do so after 3 months of effort, while the largest seller of is generated from these people;

the seller should have a good psychological environment and mental state, to influence and inspire customers to purchase behavior, so the success of the sellers are at first their own marketing to customers, to win customer trust, love and understanding. To win the customer’s love and trust, will naturally have a buying behavior.

four, diligence is a magic weapon for all entrepreneurs success

"hard" and "entrepreneurship" is often linked together, hard pioneer must do. Entrepreneurial start. Shortage of funds, the scale is too small, there is no visibility, such as large sellers will be plagued by small businesses. At this time is important hard pioneer. Wang Yongqing Taiwan is the God of business in the world in one of the Chinese people, diligence is the secret of his success, Wang Yongqing is one of the earliest rice store business. His shop has all the mouth beer in the community, because Wang Yongqing can do well in community residents. When the residents of a household is about to eat in meters, Wang Yongqing will be sent home, but was not money, only to the residents of payday, Wang Yongqing came to xxx. So hard and meticulous work, the achievements of today’s big entrepreneur Wang Yongqing. If we take time every day to consult