CN domain rapid development into a virtuous cycle

when CN domain becomes a habit of

The general consensus is that

and have chicken and egg. Only chickens and eggs form a good cycle, reproduction and growth can occur. This seemingly simple law of nature plays an important role in the development of many things, as is the case in the domain name industry:

CN domain name rich applications, prompting more and more Internet users to form the preferred CN domain name online habits, and the establishment of Internet users access habits will also encourage more and more companies, websites, Internet users to actively apply CN domain name.

complement each other between the two, to form a good circulation and force.

chicken egg: change the habit of

application is the foundation, but also the fundamental." Liu Zhijiang, assistant director of China Internet Network Information Center is responsible for the CN domain name registration management said, as China’s national top-level domain, CN domain name to its performance advantage, identity function has been for the domestic government website, all kinds of enterprises, all kinds of websites and even ordinary users with heat: 5< /p>

300 thousand CN domain name registration behind, is a large number of enterprises and institutions to open and application. Not only 80% enterprises of provincial government website, 97% of the state-owned enterprises, Chinese website 20 mainstream industry in the use of CN domain name, last year, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games for the as the main domain name, creating a hundred years history of the Olympic Games by the national top-level domain precedent; netizens have also registered CN domain name for the blog, photo albums, and mail, even born babies also have

ubiquitous CN domain name applications, subtly changing the domain name access habits of Internet users.

egg: used to pull

view the government dynamic landing, see the news log on, the bank used to enter the, see the blog directly from the WWW. name (Pinyin).Cn into……

is the strength of this habit, which in turn led to a growing number of companies, individuals of the CN domain name of the widely used. According to the Chinese Electronic Commerce Association Chinese "survey report" shows that enterprise CN domain name applications, 52.6% of the staff think that the maximum value of enterprises is the CN domain name brand promotion, and Chinese five hundred companies more than 80% application domain CN.

:.CN Chinese internet life and growth in nature, like

over the years, CN domain name and the internet grow together, is a witness to the development of China’s Internet, but also the driving force." For several years, Wang Enhai presided over the director of the CNNIC Information Services Department survey statistics report released the Internet and make such evaluation, "every year we will release Chinese number of Internet users, Internet computer numbers, CN domain name and website number, these data as reflected in Chinese Internet development degree, get on

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