The Wumart finally figured out the electricity supplier members into the system


] February 16th news billion state power network, the day before, a letter of apology to be displayed in Wumart supermarkets. According to the letter of apology, multi-point membership card and membership card Wumart entities merge, using multiple point APP scan code to pay, to achieve the same experience, and membership card entity in addition, the original "mobile phone newspaper consumer" mode is not available.

Wumart stores a public apology letter

in January 29th, has more and more Wumart launch second pay function. Specifically, the user in Wumart shopping checkout, can directly show the membership exclusive code point, the staff after the scan automatically deduct the account balance. The purchase of electronic card, card or bind entity to achieve the function of Alipay small free secret payments can be opened in three ways.

According to the official website of

card is issued, Wumart shopping card, by the designated shops Wumart group under the cardholder to provide consumer payment and other related services. The PR card bearer card and name card two, issued a quota system, anonymous card limit not exceeding $1000, a single name card limit is not more than 5000 yuan.

only from the point of view of payment methods, the role of more than a few seconds to pay. According to a data Analysys display, in 2016 Q3 Chinese third party mobile payment market, Alipay and caifutong occupy 88.54% share. Whether it is the user base, consumer habits or market penetration, both have absolute advantage.

so, why Wumart still spare no effort to promote the APP


as early as March 2016, had more dramatic personnel turbulence, founder and a number of partners together to withdraw, Wumart took over. Since then, the store will Wumart to promote more APP, at the same time, Wumart also quietly on the line of its own "APP pr". (now renamed the "Wumart", editor’s note). At the end of the same year, Wumart announced with more open membership system, upgrade the membership system, members of integral, Wumart coupons, balance and other functions can be used directly in the multi point App. According to the multi point of view, the two sides will be in the depth of integration of goods, marketing, warehousing and logistics business level.

But according to

billion state power network APP observation, Wumart features simple, and more serious overlap APP. At present, its main functions are: online payment, online purchase, card management, search nearby stores, membership management, etc.. Even the online purchase, but also jump to the supermarket to buy more than the page, and the need to log on multiple accounts.


Wumart, multi point APP contrast (left for the poor quality of APP home, is on the right side of the multi point APP personal Center)


Wumart APP "online purchase page Jump