Micro purchase WeChat set off a new wave of electricity providers to help SMEs layout WeChat

"WeChat red" popular night horse spring festival, red entrepreneurs eye, 600 million users of WeChat is a huge cake, so cake who want to bite, many businesses began to compete in the WeChat above, small and medium-sized enterprises how to share a piece of the cake of their own


as of now, the total number of users exceeded 600 million WeChat, WeChat red overnight red burst, the successful binding of a billion bank cards. Enables users to buy and consume directly in WeChat has become a function. Back in 2013, the most popular is the WeChat marketing circle of friends, many businesses are turning to WeChat marketing, recently I visited most of the Guangzhou market, found a large number of businesses have begun to open the mall in WeChat, WeChat first to eat a big cake.

Said Miss Liang

bags wholesale business in an interview: "now almost all the customers are playing WeChat, in the past only in the circle of friends to send pictures of products, customers can not single payment, some customers of trouble, resulting in some single intention not made, then try to support WeChat micro purchase shop Wang (www.wgw.cn). After the opening like WeChat opened a shop, a lot more convenient than before, and the customer orders can be directly used to pay, as usual online shopping, response is good, business is also very good". I continue to visit found that a large part of the business owner with the same use of micro Bo wang. WeChat’s 600 million users is a huge blue ocean, while the micro purchase of the king is to provide businesses with a quick WeChat business shop service.

When the

in the Guangzhou white horse clothing wholesale market, had encountered a embarrassing thing, there is a wholesale boss (he doesn’t know English nouveau riche), and a foreign customer over his stall, both sides need to place an order, not language communication. This time, the boss had an idea, let the customer to sweep the two-dimensional code on WeChat, stalls products immediately using a mobile phone WeChat mall displayed by mobile phone, WeChat mall, on-site orders.

I found that now to China’s procurement of foreign customers are also a lot of people playing WeChat, WeChat Amoy Chinese goods, WeChat has been the impact of global goods!


WeChat Wang

According to Wang

micro purchase (www.wgw.cn) insider revealed: "the king of the micro purchase is now spreading rapidly, helping businesses to complete the shop and trading through WeChat, but also the combination of corporate resources and promotion experience, help businesses to acquire new customers in a number of different WeChat circle of friends and other websites. More traditional businesses to help businesses do business through WeChat."

now, whether it is business or businesses, are 600 million users of WeChat firmly attracted, more and more enterprises and businesses are turning to mobile phone marketing, WeChat can be said to be the best from a platform, "WeChat red" and "money" to "micro purchase king", without attracting live >