Babe network overseas purchase debut from the mobile terminal to cut cross border electricity suppli

news January 24th, has just announced the completion of $100 million C round of financing of maternal electricity supplier babe network in the mobile phone App on the day before the low-key on-line new business overseas purchase, began to get involved in cross-border electricity supplier.


learned billion state power network, babe network overseas purchase business is mainly domestic and qualified suppliers, rather than directly to foreign merchants settled. The channel’s main products including milk powder, infant diapers, health care products, sanitary napkins, cover, Kao king, Novo neolink, aptamil and other overseas brands popular.

according to the babe network CEO Zhang Lianglun introduced new business including overseas purchase, expansion is one of the direction of investment after this round of financing. For its part, the overseas purchase is based on the needs of users and a business, rather than because of cross-border electricity supplier is very popular in the past two years to do.


"we don’t sell the sea before, because of limited value and gross profit. But users have such needs, they really want to buy imported products on the platform, such as diapers, the hope is that Japan imported milk powder, also hope that it is from abroad. So, we are going to solve these needs, pay attention to the issues of concern to users. Therefore, the overseas purchase is actually a good thing to do in the domestic market after the mother and child to decide to do."

Zhang Lianglun to billion state power network that, in this trend, babe network outsourcing business growth will be very fast, in 2015 the share of overseas business even more than the size of the lot only scouring the sea platform.

however, in Zhang Lianglun’s view, the entire electricity supplier market or domestic oriented to foreign trade, supplemented by the cross-border electricity supplier is the supplement and the domestic electricity supplier so babe network purchased overseas business is a supplement, but not the most mainstream business.

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