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"foreign processing trade" roast duck tastes, the price of bagasse ‘, most of the profits are foreign away, is for others to do the wedding dress, Hongkong amnoon fairy tale world Co. Ltd. Business Development Director Lin Cailang said, "but the domestic market is" cook their own shop ", the domestic market is more and more mature, the government improvement in the protection of intellectual property rights, to establish their own brand of successful transformation."

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China fair organizers foreign trade center statistics, in the Canton fair business about 70% ready to choose "export", many enterprises have identified this as a "breakthrough" and "domestic sales force". Open the "B2B+ e-commerce search after a hundred responses to a single call" new mode of navigation products that do not have any experience for the domestic export enterprises, the transition to the domestic sector, enterprises need to pay attention to set up their own brands, more is needed to expand sales channels.

many people feel that the export of foreign trade enterprises in Europe and the United States and other countries after a rigorous inspection, they have even become high-grade, high-quality products in the domestic market synonymous. However, due to the promotion of foreign trade enterprises in the direction of external, so in a foreign country may have a very high reputation, but in the country is kept in deep intercalated unknown".

network marketing as a new marketing model has been paid more and more attention by enterprises, the B2B e-commerce as the representative of the network marketing model is increasingly becoming the inevitable choice of enterprises.

is easy to understand, B2B trading volume is significantly more than B2C, C2C, because the amount of transactions between enterprises is often huge, will exceed the small business between enterprises and individuals, between individuals and individuals. Recently, iResearch the latest release of "industry scale: the economic crisis under the network economy" in the first quarter of 2009 the core data can be seen, B2B e-commerce is relatively stable, the second quarter or now signs of recovery.

may, many enterprises think that Great trees are good for shade., selection of large flow, high visibility platform, can make use of the number of customers will be huge, stable access group, so as to expand the channels, establish the ideal brand effect. But the reality is not so ideal, the more high-profile, large flow platform, the number of users must be a lot of. The enterprise net depth, affect the development of enterprises to a certain extent. Large platform no lack of adequate user experience, follow the test of electronic commerce enterprise may only become a stepping stone to large enterprises "". In fact, a B2B e-commerce enterprises, especially the export transformation of domestic enterprises, B2B emerging e-commerce platform, can achieve the "Quxianjiuguo" effect.

to the long-term focus for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises to provide 46 million B2B shops as an example a hundred responses to a single call enterprise, is a combination of B2B e-commerce and search engine model business information search platform. Recently, through the upgrading of professional products, navigation provides a hundred responses to a single call advanced experience for business users. Enterprise shops to provide product sales display platform, the company’s products can be released at any time >

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