Baidu Mall plans to sell to the big brands on the line

introduction: light driven by technology is not enough, the future Baidu Mal need to consider recruiting more retail industry talents, strengthen cooperation and business communication.

recently came to Baidu Mal or news will be on the line, the "daily economic news" reporter learned from relevant sources close to Baidu’s office was informed that the platform will be to search and map positioning service as the basis, to provide online and offline drainage for brands.

e-commerce observer, Wan Qing consulting CEO Lu Zhenwang said that the current domestic has not really set up electricity supplier O2O format, after the line is a department store or start-up companies in the dark. Baidu Mal is facing a lot of opportunities, but the test is that the O2O business is not enough to rely on technology driven, Baidu can not think YISHION technology to do the project, the need to master the retail business talent help.

for customers under the line drainage

the "opinions", to promote the transformation and upgrading that encourage qualified large retail enterprises offering online mall, the active use of mobile Internet, location-based services, big data and other information technology to improve circulation efficiency and quality of service. Support for small and medium retail enterprises and e-commerce platform to complement each other, to strengthen the integration of service resources, and promote the integration of online and offline transactions.

is the electricity supplier in the business failure of Baidu, recently again kill backstroke – Baidu Mal is planning to launch. The daily economic news reporter learned that, in order to attract businesses, Baidu Mal investment policy is the first year of the brand free margin, free first year platform service fees, transaction rates half off". So far, LV group, Estee Lauder, CLARKS, Columbia, PHILPS and other brands of electricity supplier business executives, have expressed the hope that cooperation with the platform.

relevant person close to Baidu said the Baidu Mal positioning in the high-end, only the introduction of 1000 high-end domestic brands and brand outside and only official cooperation, target customer is 25 years old to 40 year old white-collar bourgeoisie, middle-class families. In addition, through the announcement of the store under the phone, address, Baidu map navigation can be directed to the next line of the brand drainage. Customers can also buy online and offline store pickup.

the person told reporters that the value of Baidu Mal on Baidu is mainly embodied in three points: first, the formation of commercial closed-loop, to achieve precision marketing users demand mining, guide users to use Baidu wallet, to obtain sustainability commissions from merchants; two, expanding commercial products, which provide value-added services through the transaction. Increase efforts to put ads in the Baidu brand; three, seize the high-end market share of the electricity supplier.

map will trigger a weapon

Baidu announced in April 30th the first quarter unaudited financial results, with a total revenue of 12 billion 725 million yuan, an increase of 34%; network marketing revenue of $12 billion 519 million, an increase of 33.5%. It is worth noting that the net profit of 2 billion 449 million yuan, down by 3.4%.


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