Alipay reputation double 12 first day record released super heat eleven golden week

in the past this Saturday is the first day of the 12 pair of Alipay’s reputation, consumer spending Chinese people in the idle away in seeking pleasure how strong? – 12 may be one of the best observation point.

According to Alipay’s reputation

data, in December 10th, more than 49 million people took to the streets with Alipay for the consumption of idle away in seeking pleasure.

Nearly 1000 large-scale shopping mall in

dual 12 activities, including joy and Cade MALL nationwide, the overall traffic and trade are compared to the daily growth of nearly 2 times. There are nearly 200 scenic spots this year for the first time involved in the double 12, double 12 the first day of the Alipay deal than usual soared 154%. One day in December 10th, a casual snack chain brand shop yield the line stores singular traded 950 thousand pen, double 12 day than last year growth of 43.9%, a record shop yield line stores in the history of a single day trading record.

from the number of participants, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, the most enthusiastic consumer spending, the top three in the country. Shanghai shopping mall (Changning branch), Hangzhou city square, Shaoxing Yintai city to become the highest national popular shopping district. Shanghai Changning shopping mall marketing representative Jiang Wenjun said: "the double 12 shopping malls passenger is about 2 times the usual weekend, even compared the National Day also increased about 20%, more than eleven golden week."

overseas, overseas business this year Alipay full support of the flowers. According to Alipay, double the first day of 12, Alipay overseas brush consumption nearly 300 thousand people, an increase of 3 times, hundreds of global merchant stores the record mobile payment transaction.

looked from the area, China outbound tourists double 12 favorite in South Korea, Hongkong, Japan, Thailand and Australia, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, consumer, Shanghai, Beijing and Dongguan, the largest number of users in the brush outside alipay.



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