2011 e commerce and network marketing trends

China e-commerce outsourcing service new era

e-commerce outsourcing service is a kind of business service aiming at the demand of e-commerce. Business involves: strategic planning, goal setting, human resources, marketing, supply chain management, customer relationship management, product development, logistics management, business process reengineering, online payment (Financial Management), network marketing channel construction and standardized management, ERP system and e-commerce integration transformation, network crackdown, e-commerce the development of electronic commerce technology, operation management, network marketing, brand marketing, online and offline sales system integration and other aspects of enterprise e-commerce solutions.

Double support

e-business technology and marketing, the Internet is becoming more and more important in today’s society, small and medium-sized enterprises urgently hope that through a network of e-commerce, but also have little experience, lack of professional talents and high cost limit. Service outsourcing enterprise e-commerce "will sell" as the representative of the traditional brand enterprises by way of contract commissioned a professional e-commerce service provider provides part or information technology or network marketing services for all enterprises, from the enterprise on the Internet "package" and "propaganda" and "selling" the three starting points. To provide a series of service outsourcing to strategic consulting, planning, construction, electronic commerce e-commerce website operation promotion, online trading and online sales, network marketing channel construction and standardized management as the core of the enterprise. E-commerce outsourcing services can help companies effectively reduce costs, access to more professional services, improve work efficiency, to meet the needs of enterprises to expand e-commerce strategy.

for the current needs of enterprises as the starting point, will sell the company launched a very 6+1 e-commerce overall solution: companies need to do a good job, the rest of the things to be sold.

e-commerce outsourcing is the development trend of e-commerce

In view of the rapid development of

Chinese e-commerce, the next three years is Chinese traditional enterprises to enter the electronic commerce and the peak period, enterprises want to do e-commerce, but don’t know what to do, so naturally looking for electronic commerce professional outsourcing company to help enterprises to provide the overall solution, so the electronic commerce outsourcing will become a mainstream trend, is the first choice for enterprises to enter the e-commerce channel.

will sell "outsourcing mode of electronic commerce is very 6+1" relates to the enterprises to enter the e-commerce business processes, including e-commerce, consulting, e-commerce planning, e-commerce technology, electronic commerce, electronic commerce management, e-commerce promotion, network marketing seven business module. From market research, sales, customer service, website promotion and operation, product development, website construction, warehousing, packaging, logistics, shipping, financial monitoring of all links. In the website construction, promotion, product planning, product upload and other structures to complete the entire network marketing data flow. Finance, purchasing, sales and other departments to complete the integration of the entire cash flow. Organizations of this size are required by ERP and others

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