Gome online Pinnacle moment burst goods in advance through the old Mu special enjoy berserk

August electricity supplier war, Gome online Pinnacle to promote full presending Xbox One and iPhone6 series of activities, to allow consumers to experience the United States online consumers for the true strength of large. September 15th – 21 day, Gome online Pinnacle moment will open again, and has launched three huge benefits in action: "benchmark price straight down the highest straight down 2000 yuan, home appliances full reduction up to minus 5000 yuan, full return coupon highest return 2000 yuan cash coupon". In particular, they look forward to the old Mu special will be on the evening of 18 grand on the line, home appliances, digital, kitchen, FMCG, automotive low margin,

will not hesitate!


sprint sprint category

the United States online autumn peak moment size category is more prosperous, with a reduction in the category at the peak, covering household appliances, digital life, department stores, clothing and shoes, Home Furnishing decoration, kitchen life promotions etc.. Among them, the vast majority of TV products are involved in the reduction of 100 thousand, the maximum reduction of 5000 yuan; air conditioning products over a thousand minus one hundred, the highest reduction of $1000; 3C digital products also slashed prices. In addition, pool shop launched 3.5 fold sales of small household appliances, very awesome.

"hedging cash back" over

it is understood that the "hedging cash back" is the United States online the second peak moment of a heavy promotions, September 18th all day long, consumers who purchase physical goods in the United States online station and mobile phone client, to enjoy a variety of full cut, full back, and use coupons, panic buying group purchase various deals, but also then enjoy arbitrage cash back offer, in which a single member of the cumulative order amount actually paid back over 15000 yuan 1000 yuan, with 25000 yuan to 2000 yuan, discount unprecedented, uned surprise you. In return now to the nominal value of 1000 or 2000 yuan coupons general audience (valid for 30 days), in after the end of the unified distribution. Note that the physical goods accumulated orders including at least self appliances (television, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, electric kitchen and large) any two or more categories of goods and other commodities are not limited (virtual goods and gold, lottery recharge, game etc. excluding), more details can enter the event page to further understand.

twenty special big profits

full area did not choose enough, it does not matter, there is also a big peak to promote the benchmark price activity area, and in accordance with the category set up a total of twenty branch field. Each branch field product discount range at a glance. Such as air conditioning venue Electrolux EAW35FD13BA1 1.5 horse P wall mounted air conditioner price 2599 yuan, active hand price of 1880 yuan, the discount rate as high as 719 yuan; mobile phone of the apple 5S 4G mobile phone 16G mobile version of nouveau riche gold price 4848 yuan, hand price of only 4299 yuan, the discount rate reached 549 yuan; the venue iPad Apple Computer Air MD788CH/A 16G tablet computer straight down 489 yuan, hand price only 3099 yuan.

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