Tmall inherited the Tmall store which genes

following the injection of Ali Sina micro-blog launched the Taobao version of micro-blog, Tmall also invested in the TP service provider 360Shop in Amoy launched the wisdom of the mall Tmall shop. A look at the name you know are twin brothers, but I still want to try to analyze the difference between the two! Has a search on Tmall news and Tmall store outside the store official website, to understand the difference from different angles of


can not be denied, but from the name of Tmall and Tmall stores they are twins, not a bit too. It is this special "blood relationship" based on the Tmall Tmall store opened on almost all their data interface from the membership system, product information, shopping cart, orders, favorites, promotional information to a docking Juhuasuan, micro Amoy Amoy, etc., can be said to him, since this twin brother has really good care! That is why Tmall store just launched by the media attention so why


even though their names are similar, even the same blood flow, but they each other personality difference. So let us know, where is the difference between the twin brothers.

is an electronic business platform, one is an independent official website

difference one: Tmall is the platform, TA is the rule makers, TA requires all businesses to play here, you must follow my rules, otherwise only out. The Tmall shop is different, TA is to highlight the business needs of the individual, the brand needs and Amoy outside the promotion of demand, and for those businesses tailored to wash out the official independent mall!

is a pure electronic business platform, a social electricity supplier

difference two: Tmall is the traditional sense of the pure electronic business platform, relying on the list of product data, relying on the visual impact of beautiful pictures to attract consumers. The Tmall store will be outside the mall, the official independent shopping mall into more social elements in it. In, happy fusion and other social networking sites at the same time, also the docking of micro-blog, WeChat, and other mobile phone micro Amoy APP client, users sharing, chat in communication, at the same time, to achieve the perfect combination of social and shopping, this is very interesting and innovative


is a B2C mode, one is the B2C+O2O mode

difference three: Tmall is a traditional B2C online transactions, all transactions are completed online. While Tmall stores in the succession of Tmall online transactions, but also more concerned about the integration of traditional enterprise offline store resources. The Tmall shop set up in Amoy outside independent store can not only display from Taobao Tmall products, can also be the line of stores of goods moved online, at the same time the system will push the local stores information to consumers, convenient for users to experience or delivery, bring a new shopping experience


I believe that Tmall seems to want to change the store Tmall Amoy business model, more focused on social marketing and O2O model. This may not be appropriate for small sellers in Taobao, "