Secret buy site profit model is the lifeline to buy Network

, the first thing that came to the unit is to take care of the day’s work plan, and now the first thing is to open the computer ‘mission’ thing." Kong Xiaoyan is a Qingdao business center staff, in June last year the office where she blew a puff of wind and group purchase is highly contagious, a large number of white-collar workers like her are "members". Like addiction, we eat and drink from home supplies, cultural and entertainment are dependent on the buy.

Kong Xiaoyan said, now the majority of young people are obsessed with the network group purchase, rather than early adopters, rather than on a "refuge" of soaring prices, or find a buffer zone for the consumer psychological gap. So, buy site low to 77% off or even ninety percent off of the goods, exactly how to get the buy site, users, manufacturers and how to achieve multi win?


Daocheng group purchase website has over 30

Network words

2010 the most fire, "group purchase" is. It is the biggest difference with ordinary online shopping, because of its low prices, many commodities market price is only three to half off, or even 88% off, to attract a large number of consumers in the limited time, relates to the types of goods is beyond imagination. In addition to clothing, cosmetics, books, baby supplies, local specialties, but also involved in food and beverage, KTV, film, fitness, beauty, travel, etc..

reporter to inquire into that, the activation of local Qingdao group purchase market, in time and speed are basically synchronized with the national. In April 2010, the Qingdao Miracle Network Science and technology limited company’s love group purchase website by the previous forum mode, transformation is now limited group purchase mode; in May 2010, the Youth League in the website to complete the registration after the formal "net satisfied customers"; then, the 0532 group purchase network group purchase website have appeared…… Up to now, the local regional group buying site in Qingdao has increased to more than and 20.

In addition, the national

network will also be extended to Qingdao. Qingdao love to buy network CEO Wang Lei said, according to his understanding, Qingdao’s existing national, regional network to buy a conservative estimate of more than 30.

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Yang is a student of Ocean University of China sophomore student, since 2010 September reached the first group purchase transaction, keep in front of the computer until midnight became commonplace. "Every day at 12 a.m. because the group purchase website refresh, a lot of new goods group purchase posted on this time, like some big discount, high quality and inexpensive goods and set up a number of group purchase restrictions, if not early start comes down, probably being robbed." Xiao Yang said, just past December she almost every night to keep the computer, for Christmas, new year’s day, Spring Festival to buy clothes, gifts, food stamps, etc..

in the current university campus, such a small Yang Group buy a few. Online group buying price is generally the market price or even the average price of 50 percent off of the online shopping, a lot of ‘students” peacetime >