Sources said TOM eBay transformation overseas purchasing and foreign trade B2C

August 11th, according to sources disclosed that after the business center of gravity overseas purchasing, TOM eBay also intends to intervene in the field of foreign trade B2C.

, the sources said, since last year, TOM eBay has the business focus on overseas purchasing, and this business is also greatly enhance the operating profit of TOM eBay, but with the domestic tariff policy adjustment, this business of eBay is affected, eBay has high-level meaning transformation of the foreign trade business of B2C.

According to the "

TOM concept, TOM will weaken its domestic C2C eBay image, and highlights the characteristics that both overseas, eBay is a domestic users to buy goods from overseas platform, also is a Chinese goods to overseas platform." Sources said.

Sohu IT on the matter to call Chang Lin, vice president of eBay, TOM, but denied that eBay is about to carry out foreign trade B2C business news, and stressed that eBay will continue to C2C business.

according to iResearch data, in the first quarter of this year, Taobao accounted for 84.6% of China’s C2C market share, eBay accounted for only about 4.9% of the market share.

yesterday, China post and TOM group to build the B2C electronic commerce website ule ( officially launched. According to the agreement reached between China Post and TOM group, the two sides set up a joint venture of 51% and a total of 49% equity interest in the development of. China Post to provide sales, logistics, warehousing and collection services, TOM group in the next few years to invest more than 200 million yuan to promote the post music network, and provide technical and operational platform.