The 6 most common network marketing tactics

a search engine marketing (SEM)

at present, the most commonly used search engine has four Google, YAHOO, Baidu, MSN, accounting for more than 90% of the search market, compared with other well-known search engines, instead of using the above four search engine is acquired by Yahoo, so the four are included in the search engine.

search engine marketing, of course, there are two kinds of passive search (search engine bidding, search engine optimization (SEO)) and active search.

two B2B website marketing


is domestic, basic is the Alibaba, HC, trade and foreign trade as a prince, I believe many people are aware of the Alibaba, MIC, global resources, TradePrince, Tradekey…… So, these basic have accounted for most of the market share, but there are only a few free will, but the effect is not obvious.

so, we should look into the distance, there is a part of market share, falls on the industry website, and are bilingual or multilingual version, whether domestic or foreign trade industry website, he will be B2B after the way out, but this part of his share, target customers more clear and free. The effect is more obvious, such as Chinese chemical sites, China machinery network, Chinese textile network, Chinese jewelry network…

three email marketing

speaking of email marketing, in fact, is not what the new network marketing methods, but it is the most commonly used corporate website marketing and is the easiest way to use the most people, enduring. (e


four network advertising marketing

network advertising and marketing investment, quick effect, the main search engine advertising Adwords, portal website to direct advertising advertising, but advertising network marketing on the right to choose the launch platform, advertising to accurately target customers. Such as: 1 your product is suitable for this platform? Your product in this platform on whether there is any effect, the 3 most important to those areas of the buyer and so on, these problems you have to take into account, do not blindly invest in.


Internet advertising fee, is paid by the effect (CPM), pay per click (CPC), according to the cost per action (CPA), cost per response (CPR), according to the cost of each purchase (CPP), pay for performance (PFP) etc..

five online search for customers as much as possible with several search engines

six blog forum mass marketing

this marketing method is more suitable for small businesses, there is no money or marketing products more popular, such as entertainment, news networks and the like.

hope that the above can give you some help, we learn from each other.