Several categories of products are not suitable for electricity supplier

today, almost all of us want to buy something almost can buy from the electronic business platform, small to large real estate to the car, odds and ends of sewing, really proved such a sentence: only think, not to buy. If you want me to immediately come up with one or two kinds of electronic business platform does not have something, really a little brains. However, through some reflection and investigation, some products are really impossible to buy from the electronic business platform, now can buy, the future may not be able to buy, or can buy, but not worthwhile. These products, I think it is not suitable for electricity providers.

by buying a newspaper on the price: logistics costs accounted for a high proportion of the products are not suitable for the electricity supplier

I have the habit of reading newspapers, but the rental house did not tend to send, and never know through what channels should subscribe. Before, there is a newsstand near, but it may be because fewer people to buy, but also revoked. Buying a newspaper has become a problem. It takes a long way to go to another newsstand, almost two bus stops. For me, the cost of buying a newspaper has been far greater than the cost of a newspaper, and I go to buy a newspaper that is the cost of electricity supplier logistics costs.

in the commodity category, and the newspaper is similar to the characteristics of books. Amazon and Dangdang recently to improve the logistics charges, as early as no longer free of charge for book logistics, and has repeatedly increased the purchase of books on the envelope. In, many books price may be around $ten, but the logistics cost may be six or seven yuan, almost equal price. Not only books, but also snacks. The sago net should have the impression, in order to reduce the sago net snacks logistics cost, the segments locked for office workers, because such people to higher consumer prices of the snacks, the purpose is to reduce logistics costs accounted for the proportion of snacks, once the single passenger price achieved 80 yuan, but with the expansion of the scale, gross the interest rate decreased rapidly, delisting in 2011. This product is far more than books and snacks, as well as furniture, large appliances, etc., are part of the characteristics.

installed by LED on a swing between B2B and B2C are not suitable for the electricity supplier

at the beginning of the new year, the company wants to install a LED display on the top of the door, used to display the slogan of the reception customers, instead of the banner has been. The company is faced with two choices, either to buy their own LED screen from the Internet, find a business responsible for installation. Or is to be handed over to an enterprise. In fact, a lot of LED screen manufacturers are facing a similar choice as everyone knows, LED, screen industry is facing a serious overproduction, the urgent need to find new sales channels, directly from the online product sales to consumers, it is a choice, so some manufacturers in the LED after the tired B2B, also began to play B2C. Finally, little can be fun. The reason is that such products need to have a certain cost of use, such as online shopping back, you need to install, debug, study, etc.. This kind of product originally main >