Secret circle of friends inside the film micro most fire 5 thousand earn only a few hundred dollars

, the recent dry skin, last night to do a good job to send the mask of the sister, said the following are two skin tender portrait. The following comments followed by N more praise and friends, under questioning mask brand and how to buy the second half of last year, a lot of WeChat’s users will be in their circle of friends or encounter such a mask to sell. But people who will find that the recent circle of friends to sell less and less of the mask, almost overnight disappeared quietly. Beijing Youth Daily reporter survey found that the sudden cooling of the circle of friends and forced to turn off the mask manufacturers, some agents have been forced to run.


circle of friends selling mask sales by the heat turned cold

micro business easy to make money, the mask has a very good market, large profit margins, this is almost the most mask manufacturers sales agents pull flicker rhetoric. Xiao Jia did not withstand the students "flicker", see such rhetoric, move the heart, take the initiative to contact a cosmetics company, has become a big mask agent.

has just started, Justin just want to earn pocket money, but after the intervention of mask agent, Xiao Jia found himself too naive. Xiao Jia, as an agent, they have to hoard their part of the goods, and then sell or go to the development of agents, sales more level is higher, the agency took the price a lot less than the retail price. In other words, if you want to make more money, you must try to sell more mask.


is only a small college students, but her circle of friends and some friends and relatives, Xiao Jia’s mask sales are also mainly for these people. From last summer began to sell, the beginning of a period of time sales is also good, the best selling a month about 5000 yuan in profit, this is not a small income for Justin, but more and more people buy gradually less, now sold as before, only a few hundred yuan monthly income.

survey shows that, in fact, such as small Jia is not a small number of people. Data show that the mainland mask industry in the past two years has experienced barbaric growth, the current market, there are at least more than and 300 mask brand, and the annual growth rate of about 30%. Behind the mask is the mask industry sales force stride forward singing militant songs, in the circle of friends of the rapid expansion of WeChat. Shenzhen electric shock electronic commerce founder Gong Wenxiang had estimated that the micro business has reached tens of millions of scale, according to the calculation, the seller has sold 8 million people on the WeChat mask.

is a micro marketing trainer said in an interview, the rich mythology is very common in earning large quantities of gold each day among the first batch of mask started the beauty of micro business, due to the low cost, the investment threshold is low, many college students, unemployed personnel to join the group. But in the past three months, the situation is totally different, to participate in training last year 140 students have 50% careers, so a month of water as high as 7 million yuan of friends, now the water can only be maintained at around 100 thousand yuan.