Electronic commerce Baidu promotion article eight trick

If you do

network marketing promotion of Baidu to do the equivalent of 50% work! In the domestic search engine market share in Baidu almost to 75%, so we must pay attention to Baidu, Baidu promotion, the most straightforward is to pay to do the bidding of Baidu! Auction because they are black Baidu salesman, a Jin asks you to add a word, so money joy is gone, many bosses are afraid, but if you choose the right keywords, written advertisements, Baidu bidding is a good promotion methods! Of course I believe that the main promotion methods still want to know not to spend money, so please watch the picture below, I’ll give you one on


Baidu promotion basically has 6 kinds of promotion methods:

1, pay for

2, Baidu encyclopedia, this has been a lot of enterprises in the use of the company’s products, if you are not very popular if there is opportunity, that is the product of your company made the keywords Baidu encyclopedia entries, so soon you will be routed to the front surface of the keywords Baidu


3, website optimization, is actually a very good promotion methods, so that the natural ranking website, to the front row of Baidu search, so do not worry or peer network, malicious click like bidding added that the corporate image, the key recommendation of course, do website optimization, or to ask a professional to do

4, Baidu post bar, this is best to use, go directly to Baidu post bar with some of their own product keywords on the OK pull

5, are working with Baidu, because the layout is relatively small empty comrades go in to see

6, the relevant search, this is also possible to brush out!

7, Baidu pictures, with their own product keywords for the title of some pictures, you can also go to the front!

8, Baidu HI, go to Baidu to build a free space, write some of the enterprise’s soft bar, remember to pay attention to the new frequency oh.

OK, the use of Baidu basically on these 8 promotion methods, before I have written a common e-commerce practices, we are interested can also go to see!

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