Started to wake up the big names are not the alarm clock is WeChat public number

[Abstract] the Spring Festival vacation, you remember before the bustling small program? In the first small program list even the latest release of the list did not see any big brands, so we now talk about WeChat brand opened the public number is not too late.

in recent years, more and more brands are beginning to use social media to engage in marketing. According to digital research institutions L2 data show that in 2014, only 71% of the beauty brand, the brand of the day of the year and 42% of the fashion brand WeChat public number. And in the past two years, settled in WeChat’s brand was explosive growth. At present, almost all of the consumer goods brands, the majority of beauty brands, as well as 90% of fashion brands have settled in WeChat.


in addition, L2 research director Danielle Bailey also pointed out: social media allows consumers to direct dialogue with the brand, rather than lead them to the flagship store. Even for those who do not have a physical store brand in China, social media is also an essential weapon to get their attention." Therefore, the brand launched a variety of marketing on its public number, and gradually formed a number of routines. To this end, billion state power network will be part of the brand as an example, take a look at these brands in the public numbers do what.


1 brand story

whether it is product promotion, the development process, the founder of the concept or brand information, these brands are like to tell the public story. For example, the United States, the British luxury jewelry brand Tiffany brand Burberry, Canada Lululemon, American sports clothing brand underwear brand VICTORIAS SECRET, Japanese beauty brand Shiseido and so on, are in their own public number set in the brand story column, or to tell the story of the way to push the article.



, Tiffany will own brand story clearly divided into four parts, respectively about the birth of its brand, the legendary yellow diamond, Book series and Blue social responsibility; Shiseido is short with a flashback of the way about their own brand of memorabilia; while Fresh uses the tight schedule and tell their own brand story.

has always been to win the fast fashion brand H& M, ZARA, UNIQLO were not in the public offering, the brand story of this column, are mostly on the content of product promotion, discount information and trend based strategy.


2 search shop

billion state power network also found that many brands will also set up a "search shop" function in the public, despite the similar functions but the way is not the same. Click on the "search store" or select the location of the site under the premise of opening the positioning function

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