Taobao will suspend the failure of the entrepreneurial business support function

Taobao launched the Taobao business support because of the limitations of the function, leading to the introduction of the feature will be a large number of sellers complaints. Do a related report before Trump coffee shop decoration net fish swing: "Taobao is Taobao webmaster to post to denounce the suspected retaliation" (the article was reproduced by stationmaster net, a large number of netizens to denounce denounce Taobao), please do not use the Taobao business support version of Wang Pu "(the 2009-11-11 paper published in Admin5, caused a strong reproduced by many websites), with" regret dead Taobao Pu support version and the standard version of the most obvious difference, it also indirectly led by Taobao Adsense gag. Perhaps as a result of Taobao aware of the defects of the function, Taobao has decided to close the shop to build the version, and decided to Wang shop version of the business automatically upgraded to free shop Standard Version of the function. Taobao’s official news is as follows:


: Taobao


is better to help small sellers growth, further reduce the cost of small sellers set up shop on the net, we decided to "Wang Pu entrepreneurship foster edition" will be in early February 2010 for all 5 stars (including 5 stars) following the seller free of charge ordering, during this period to close the shop up version of the entrance order data transfer.

therefore, on the afternoon of January 26, 2010, we will close the "shop business support" version of the order entry. Before the order has been paid, Wang shop support version of the business,

system will automatically be part of the business of the store data features upgraded to the shop Standard Version of the function, without any fees.

thank you for your support!


January 26, 2010

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