Taobao sued third party plug in infringement claims 3 million 200 thousand

that "shopping party" website provides users to download the parity plugin, violation of their legitimate rights and interests constitute unfair competition, Zhejiang Taobao Network Limited (hereinafter referred to as Taobao) will be "shopping party" website operators Beijing smart dog Network Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Beijing smart dog company), Nanjing smart dog Network Technology Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Nanjing smart dog company) sued to the court, asked the two companies to stop copyright infringement, unfair competition, published a statement, to eliminate the effects of compensation for economic losses and reasonable expenses totaling 3 million 200 thousand yuan to pay.

reporter was informed that the Haidian court accepted the case.

, the plaintiff’s Taobao, said the defendant, Beijing smart dog and Nanjing smart dog, CO operated the "shopping party" website. "Shopping party" on the website provides downloadable web browser plug-in automatic comparison tools, users download the plug-in using IE and other mainstream browser in the company’s "" shopping, shopping party "plugin" embedded page, users search for specific items, click on the corresponding icon, will display the same with a specific commodity in commercial links to third party business platform sales and promotional information.


company believes that the two defendants unauthorized operation of the plaintiff website directly into the other contents of the behavior, not only shelter or cover the plaintiff ", serious damage to the plaintiff of good user experience, but also easy to make the relevant public service for the source of confusion and misidentification, has brought great negative impact on the" "market the defendant seized huge amounts of traffic image, the website of the plaintiff, causing huge economic losses to the plaintiff; two the defendant’s behavior constituted unfair competition and copyright infringement of the plaintiff.

at present, the case is under further investigation.