n order to prove that they can do fresh cold chain every day to open the orchard in the cold stora



] core tip for six years after the fruit business, every orchard is no longer satisfied with a fresh service provider.

after years of deep plowing a field, vertical electricity providers are beginning to think of ways to expand the category, built the platform before the time window is coming to run faster, every orchard practices second to none July 17th just ended soon, fresh big lie, every orchard announced strategic plan to expand their category, and prepare to enter the field of O2O.

orchard every day, then, is intended to target the needs of consumer upgrades, to attract more users to stay on the platform.

is not simple, even in the management of fruit industry for six years, still can not avoid a series of problems such as loss of fresh industry. For example, some time ago to buy mangosteen event writer 66 let the company temporarily in the public opinion in the teeth of the storm.

may be in order to prove their strength in the back end of the field, the conference was arranged every day in the suburbs of Beijing, Shandong Province, the suburbs of cold storage. We were taken into the three workshops: raw material workshop, production workshop and delivery workshop. Among them, the workshop is divided into three workshops with different temperature, which store different kinds of fruits.

according to the staff of the orchard every day, they have 3800 square meters in Daxing District warehouse, storage of 100 kinds of fruits and fresh.

all this, will serve to further expand the category and go down the line plan.

three years after a big promotion fresh experiment

in July 17th of this year, fresh electricity providers have created a new festival – fresh electricity supplier Festival, every day to take this opportunity to announce the beginning of the orchard to sell the whole category of fresh. According to curiosity Daily reported on the same day, the orchard every day from the past sales of more than and 200 SKU (SKU) ten pick is popular, the concentrated form of promotion, group purchase seckill. Among them, the first half of the contribution of the vast majority of orders is the United States northwest cherry. In order to announce they are more than selling fruit, Arctic sweet shrimp and sole fillet has also become the focus of products.

Wang Wei, founder of the orchard every day, on the same day, the entire orchard every day of its own platform broke through 300 thousand orders, the platform was paralyzed.

and behind the big promotion, the orchard every day for 3 years, the team began to consider fresh areas in 2012, Wang Wei said at the press conference:

from 2012 to 2014 we have been preparing for two years, including supply chain, suppliers, have to be prepared to do a lot of testing. In 2014, August, we felt like we were ready. We are not at ease. We are ready to try for a year. Every day we buy, we are conservative, this year we have found the user to me >