nterpretation of how to start from the customer service to improve the conversion rate of e commerc



e-commerce in the country’s development momentum is obvious to all, it swept the domestic 123 tier cities, and even covered the suburbs of the village. In this big market temptation, many well-known or not well-known enterprises have entered the electricity supplier industry, and in every business shuffle, we will find people like people sad, someone knocked out someone up. The success or failure of the electricity supplier will be able to grasp the level of conversion rate, we can often see the article describes how to design the site to enhance the conversion rate. But the author thinks that the conversion rate is from the customer service system. Therefore, only the electricity supplier platform frontline service personnel with professional product knowledge and good service awareness, in order to more effectively improve the conversion rate.

according to statistics in consultation with our customer service target users has more than 80% are interested in the products, read the product description and introduction of the enterprise, have the intention to buy the product, then why have traffic, but the turnover rate is not high? It is placed in a line in front of the electricity supplier.

online customer service can respond to customer questions and answers


online shopping is different from the reality of shopping, shopping in the real line in order to find the same model of our products may be looking for a lot of stores, take a lot of road. The virtual online transactions, as long as we search for a few seconds, you can find a lot of models of the same product. More choices, the user is also a high frequency of shop, when our users consult our customers a product, if our online customer service can not respond in a timely manner. Because the product can be replaced, a potential customer may leave our store immediately, enter the competitor’s shop. The response time will seriously affect the actual conversion rate.

analysis of common problems for consumers

the general consumer advisory question is nothing more than three categories for the quality of the product, we can inform consumers, businesses have quality assurance services, to dispel consumer concerns about the product. For product prices and activities, most of these issues are our repeat customers or our products have been concerned about the target consumer. If we will hold a promotional activities, we can inform these consumers will be prepared by the recent activities of customer service, but the specific time left suspense, let users pay more attention to our notice, or let the user and customer service as a friend, as long as there is activity by QQ or want to notify the customer. What if no recent activity can say euphemism and inform the product price is the lowest price, the product quality can be guaranteed, and we let the user as a friend, if have what activities can be the first time to notify the user. In this way, we can accumulate a large part of the target users to consult the product specifications, such as the size of the product, such as the problem, which requires our customer service staff have a certain degree of professional knowledge of the business

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