Born to be a fan 11 LETV super bike sports double 1000 Taiwan spot sold out in 8 minutes

the morning of November 10th 10, in 2015 the most popular new intelligent hardware LETV sports super bike in music as sports mall overall sale, just 8 minutes, 1111 cars sold out, shows that the high popularity and huge market potential. At present, the music as sports super bike has been transferred to the pre-sale state, the user can continue to buy music as sports mall.


as the music as sports first intelligent hardware products, is currently the only a batch of listed smart bike, super bike "Buzzard Buzzard" was released in August after it received enthusiastic feedback from consumers, can be described as natural Mack daddy. The first round of the August 12th sales, although the price is not cheap, but the first batch of 100 spot seconds robbed, reservation number more than 490 thousand taiwan.

LETV super bike with real-time intercom, GPS online, customized music, data monitoring, automatic light power generation, a number of intelligent intelligent anti-theft function, make riding become convenient and comfortable, more important is "not alone", can be said to be truly representative of futurism. A total of three new versions, respectively Aluminum Alloy version stahly, carbon fiber and carbon version of Siv Lark Arp Didier version, priced at 3999, 5999 and 39999 yuan.

with the first round of 100 spot water sales, during the double 11, LETV sports to meet the needs of users, not only to the 1111 spot, while the introduction of music as CP2C3.0 mode (spot + sale), after the stock is sold out will directly enter the pre-sale mode, in accordance with the order of payment delivery. Like smart bike users do not have to worry about a slow hand, you can double 11 in the time of three days, as the music store to buy a single purchase.

Relevant responsible person said that

music as sports, in order to allow users to enjoy the carnival in the "double eleven", will the music as sports in November 10th – 12 days, every day 12 points, 17 points, 22 points for the panic buying super bike users to send tickets for luxury, in the micro-blog WeChat sun super bike Liang according to the users to send AC Milan genuine scarf.

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