Twelve incoming second hand electricity supplier usher in spring

When the double 11

electric smoke of battle has not yet dispersed, a new concept of the electricity supplier in the operation of Taobao was ready, twelve Carnival electricity supplier is a matter of immediate concern, second-hand products business model, once again win a lot of love Amoy business men and women, although the second-hand concept does not seem to double the one hand product concept to attract people however, second-hand products become the main electricity supplier that is the first time that this may again lead the new trend of the electricity supplier.

secondary market electricity supplier of promotional activities seem to have a gimmick, but if you think about it, you will find there is a problem, that is the supervision of the electricity supplier, originally a product quality hand in the sales promotion as there is no small flaws, many products are ordered in the promotion of the same day, the customer service service there are many problems, such as because of quality problems return, or even cause disputes, so second-hand supplier of promotional activities, monitoring the quality of the product becomes more difficult, but also become the bottleneck of twelve promotion the biggest shopping day.

second-hand electricity supplier market continues to grow

used product sales through the Internet has not only recently some things before, has not yet appeared on the Internet, has been through the newspapers and magazines and other forms of second-hand flea market, the secondary market, so many consumers realize the self to meet demand, and the price will be higher, but the second-hand flea model is basically based on the city, similar to the ultra long range business model, but the development speed is very slow, the bottleneck lies in the second-hand products quality supervision is difficult to guarantee.

but the second-hand market scale is increasing every year, people urgently need a perfect platform for trading, Taobao from the function basically meet this demand, because Alipay based transactions can make secondary transactions to achieve effective supervision, through the investment system to avoid in the secondary transactions may be deceived, so this in recent years Taobao market has begun to appear a large number of secondary trading market, which is now twelve promotion festival activities and lay a solid foundation.

is the key to improve the regulation of activation of twelve

Since the

continuous growth of the secondary market scale, people trade through electronic business platform will also increased, which makes Taobao saw another development direction, that is to activate the secondary trading, but from the current regulatory point of view, although Alipay has a certain security, but the second-hand product itself has many different the definition, the appearance and quality of rules is difficult to grasp, so that to second-hand products trading regulation more difficult, when consumers said they received second-hand products and their expectations are different, naturally feel cheated, but in fact the second-hand products also originally in the electricity supplier on page just show, consumers do not carefully read, in this context, it is difficult to say the deal is not fair.

so that the trading of second-hand twelve promotion section looks beautiful, but to realize it.

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