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Chinese electric slightly know the friends all know, every 4-5 month is a concentrated period of electricity giant rally, at this stage, to the Jingdong, Suning led by electricity providers will set off a "zero interest rate" price war. But this year the situation is clearly different from ordinary, good at using micro-blog previous campaign Liu Qiangdong’s quiet a lot, but also directly makes another Jingdong low-key Suning, Greece and other manufacturers to come up empty. Then the Yuezhan, everyone is with how the operation state of mind?


from my point of view, Jingdong did not go to war, because the price war can bring the value of Jingdong is no longer high. In the past to set off a price war industry, Jingdong is nothing more than to enhance their visibility, and give the capital market confidence, indicating the strong development of Jingdong. But after experiencing the first two years of price war baptism, Jingdong want to basically have, in terms of market share, the Jingdong store last year in self B2C market share reached 49%, ranked second in the suning.com way ahead in how, to encourage users to buy, the Jingdong also is done 21 conversion, can be said to pretty amazing. In the case of these two major objectives are reached, Jingdong to participate in the price war is clearly no meaning. Moreover, Jingdong has changed its own icon, toward the direction of the development of a new brand culture, if this time to participate in the price war, the brand remodeling is certainly influential.


personal feeling is the most easy to Jingdong and a price war, because compared with Suning and Gome online, the number of easion and Jingdong confrontation is not much, also did not get what benefits, just one example, in a war last year and 6.18 Jingdong, regardless of how the process, Su Ningdu it is worth it, the quarter, Suning online transactions rose by 15 percentage points, this is a great stimulus information for easy, because it also has a big heart electricity supplier. But for the intent to strengthen supply chain businesses around the world, although the price war will bring pressure on their own profit, but compared with the marketing, the price war is worth making. But according to the latest news, it has been involved in a high-profile Suning and Gome price war, it seems not a showstopper identity.

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can be said that Suning is one of the most wanted to make price war business enterprise, not only because of the price war from Suning get many benefits, establish a brand, more is Suning from the long-term strategic considerations. Because the value system of Suning, the future will focus on the development of the electricity supplier unified online and offline based on the current situation, it is self-evident Suning advantage line, miscellaneous is the lack of online appeal, and the price war is the market follower competition for market share in the most convenient means. The continuous war Suning to further open online sales situation, make their business image more deeply.

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