Taobao online education students occupy a space for one person

In July 12th,

news, in a Beijing online education salon, Taobao insiders, Taobao or to further strengthen the development of education and training providers, and may launch "Taobao students" education channel in the near future. "Taobao students" this is a new term, literally can see that Taobao intends to get involved in the education market, in recent years, the online education market has continued to enter the Internet gangster, apart from Taobao, a NetEase, Kingsoft so that future intends to enter the online education market.

Taobao launched "Taobao student" is mainly to build the platform, on the one hand, teaching institutions can live teaching on this platform, on the other hand, "Taobao students" also have to interact with the user, as long as any user feel very accomplished in one hand, or can be released in the course of proficiency in a particular line. "Taobao student", or for online broadcast rights. In short, Taobao students adhere to the excellent courses, videos and other communications to the majority of users.

currently, the online education industry output value of more than 100 billion yuan, we can see that online education has great economic prospects, but the online education industry has been relatively scattered, with access to Taobao, NetEase and a series of Internet heavyweights, will enable the industry to move toward standardization, but the competition will be more intense. Kingsoft is in the planning of the online education market, ready to return its main line of business, and will also be involved in online English training. Kingsoft is have the strength to enter the online English training field, so it is relatively easy to enter the online education market some. As for the NetEase, for example, from the beginning of the 4 version of the book, Youdao Dictionary joined the cloud book function, began to change from a purely dictionary tool to the learning platform. The development of a NetEase intends to use Youdao Dictionary as the center, promote the development of online education and professional translation, it has practical action, has established online education team, ready to develop better.

"Taobao students facing many competitors in online education pressure, on the one hand, from the Internet also debuted the NetEase Youdao, Kingsoft and other threats, it is relatively easy to correct, Kingsoft NetEase to enter the online education market, because it is doing related work, as long as the time is right to enter. On the other hand, from the high quality of online education within the brand oppression. General online education website can not provide only one aspect of learning, and now online education website involves a lot of areas, basically you want to get the course online will have a corresponding online courses.

due to the lack of Internet education industry internal genes, lack of successful combination of Internet and education online education, so students joined Taobao "these new members from the Internet to the online education industry into the Internet gene. "Taobao students" should have its own characteristics, Taobao can use its own advantages of e-commerce, through the successful case of Taobao sellers, to develop e-commerce sales and other characteristics of the occupation, rather than others.

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