Fashion elite B2B blog BoF 2 million 100 thousand financing


Internet entrepreneurs do not know when to pop up such a slogan – the grassroots have the world, but the dark horse brother does not think so, because all the one size fits all theory is terrible. Just yesterday, a British fashion blog B2B startup BoF (Business of Fashion) announced the acquisition of well-known venture capital institutions Index Ventures led a $2 million 100 thousand investment and financing, while the BoF is completely a "elite success" of the entrepreneurial company.

BoF reader group is only about a few hundred thousand, the composition of the reader is probably 60% of the fashion industry, the rich / professional consumers, and about 10% of the students. BoF is mainly to provide the news and analysis of the fashion industry (conference, analysis services, paid content), explore new fashion business model. The founder of Amed BoF claimed that the site in the future will always insist on his own "business model", dedicated to providing high-quality fashion commentary and analysis, Amed argues that only keep this style is the key to the success of the website.

entrepreneurship this thing, you need to start the project with the industry’s ecological environment to maintain consistency. For example, fashion is popular behavior, but are leadership and initiated are guided by a "fashion leader", so the fashion industry itself has a very strong "elite nature", and adhere to their own high-quality, high-end BoF views elite business model, and the ecological environment is undoubtedly the fashion industry is consistent. So BoF in the fashion industry success.

I horse believes that the real entrepreneurs should have independent thinking ability, need to understand the real needs of the market and the observation of human nature, rather than to the chiefs of the certain words as their "entrepreneurial coordinates", but you need to venture enterprises is "elite" or "grassroots", completely according to the decision of your industry environment, entrepreneurs really need independent insight.

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