Ageing loss is a must must play the price war


Lei Jun: after every business is e-commerce company.



: no ruling courage, don’t walk through the electricity supplier in this basin of water.

morning news (reporter Sun Yu) loss is necessary, the price war must fight. The first half of the year, I said, the price war may be three years to end, and now it seems to accelerate, because the more tragic end time will be faster." In yesterday’s Beijing rendezvous site, VANCL founder old gunpowder taste quite strong statement speaks of the current electricity supplier industry trend.

in the war between Chinese and foreign, traditional and Internet CEO high-end dialogue, Chen said: "if there is no clear cut courage, don’t walk through the electricity supplier in this basin of water." Millet mobile phone founder Lei Jun also said that the electricity supplier price war will be more intense. The traditional retail industry "big brother" WAL-MART also said Chinese will not resigned to playing second fiddle, is the priority among priorities of their e-commerce business, will increase investment.

"user is changing." WAL-MART Global Electronic Commerce vice president Peng Ruifei said, "they are keen to complete the shopping before WAL-MART store, now a lot of people accustomed to online shopping, and start using a mobile phone and tablet computer and mobile terminal for shopping, the trend in the China market more obvious, so WAL-MART will increase the layout in the field of electricity providers".

this understanding not only from foreign companies, many of the successful domestic traditional enterprises are doing this preparation. Although said Lei Jun pull a new user fee of 100 yuan to 200 yuan, which is part of the cost is currently the home appliance business company, the business enterprise loss has not really; but according to the famous men’s clothing brand founder Xiahua has said that no matter how many difficulties in the future, will enter the electronic commerce. The new technology to bring changes in consumer habits is irreversible, and now many of my friends do not even go out to buy food, e-commerce is every Chinese brands must think about the way to go." Hua Xia said.

into the face of the traditional enterprise, Lei think e-commerce market is still a huge space for development of Electronic Commerce: "for more than and 10 years, in fact, has just begun, after every enterprise e-commerce company, such as electronic commerce clothing enterprises in the UK listed there are as many as forty. In addition to our customers, not much in the electronic commerce clothing company."

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