300 billion capital beachhead three electricity supplier has yet to break through the bottleneck of

spread rapidly in the "Internet plus" concept under the condition of Internet giants, pharmaceutical companies, such as retailers have cut into the field of electricity providers, and optimistic about the future development of the market. The upcoming Internet food and drug supervision and management approach, the pharmaceutical electricity supplier further pushed to the tuyere.

data show that in 2013 China’s online pharmacy sales scale of about 4 billion 200 million yuan, compared with 2012 turned up to 2 times, is expected in 2015 the scale of China’s pharmaceutical electricity supplier transactions will reach 10 billion.

is now a lot of companies are actively layout of electronic business platform for the future to snatch the market to find a place, although some companies may not clear the specific development ideas." A listed company chairman to pharmaceutical companies twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter admitted that the pharmaceutical business is still just a concept, and can not play a supporting role performance.

Societe Generale Securities believes that although the space Chinese pharmaceutical business theory, the future of at least 300 billion yuan in the market space, but the pharmaceutical business to receive substantial development still faces many challenges, industry analysts summed up the origin of prescription, Medicare payment, logistics distribution etc..

capital competing pharmaceutical electricity supplier

Wind data show that China’s current prescription drug market is about 800 billion yuan, only $200 billion of OTC drugs. Societe Generale Securities believes that in accordance with the net sales of drugs accounted for 30% of the market share to calculate, pharmaceutical electricity supplier with the release of the policy will release at least $300 billion market space.

Another drug survey showed

online shopping, the future definitely or likely drug consumers online shopping accounted for 64% of total online shopping, most consumers can accept online purchase of pharmaceutical products, huge potential consumer groups.

is precisely because of the potential to see a huge market in the future, the capital has set foot in the field of pharmaceutical electricity supplier.

Ali Department of Tmall medical center has led the other peers, becoming the largest third party pharmaceutical electricity supplier platform. The acquisition of CITIC twenty-first Century Co. Ltd and renamed Ali health, has the domestic first to carry out Internet drug sales (B2C) of the third party platform pilot license, many pharmaceutical companies are beginning to enter Ali health platform.

2011, Jingdong announced the injection of pharmaceutical circulation enterprises Kyushu online pharmacies good pharmacist, with the advantages of Kyushu to enter the field of pharmaceutical electricity supplier. The two sides in the form of joint venture Jingdong good pharmacist network, Kyushu responsible for warehousing, Jingdong is responsible for distribution. After the two sides due to equity differences, the Jingdong in 2013 ended this cooperation divestment.

but Jingdong did not give up the market. 2014 Jingdong began a comeback, nutrition and health, medicine, was upgraded to a large class of business, and got his wish at the end of 2014 to get Internet drug transaction qualification.

after the Internet giant to lead the electricity supplier tide, the pharmaceutical business enterprises, pharmaceutical distribution companies and traditional electricity >

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