The Tmall business in 2017 to renew the Bulletin released margin change

October 12th news, today, Tmall announced the 2017 annual renewal notice and the relevant questions of business. The renewal of registration time was estimated in October 17, 2016 10 ~ December 20, 2016 18.

Tmall 2017 annual renewal notice mentioned, including operating capacity assessment and renew the qualification examination of two parts. The former focuses on the operation of the business, the quality of goods and services; the latter focuses on the effectiveness of the review of the quality and brand licensing link.

deposit, Tmall business class "online games and QQ" and "service categories" under the category "food delicacy, shop / service / network software, custom design services, /DIY / movie / show / sports events, the decoration design / construction / supervision, leisure and entertainment, supermarket shopping card card, interior designer" brand flagship stores, specialty stores franchise stores the deposit of 10 thousand yuan, adjusted to 100 thousand yuan.


service categories" under the category "education and training" brand flagship stores, franchised store franchise stores the deposit of 10 thousand yuan, adjusted to 50 thousand yuan.


service categories" under the category of "shopping coupons / cake bread" brand flagship stores, specialty stores, franchise store margin adjusted to 100 thousand yuan.

The rest of the

category unchanged, businesses must in December 26, 2016 18 before one-time complement the deposit amount and the amount of annual fee. Merchants have paid 2016 annual technical service fee, will be in early 2017, according to the annual cost of various types of Tmall technical services fee list in the year of 2016, the settlement of the return.

note that, if the business fails to submit application for renewal (until December 20, 2016 18), did not pass the review (until December 26, 2016 18), did not pay fees or not paid the deposit (until December 26, 2016 18), is unable to continue to use the 2017 year Tmall and Tmall signed a service "Tmall service agreement" in December 31, 2016 24 will be automatically terminated, stores will also enter the regulatory state (i.e. normal transactions), while Tmall will help businesses out of Tmall in January 2017.

is the following announcement:

dear friends:

and Tmall once a year to renew Tmall, thank you for this year to accompany and support, in the next year, Tmall sincerely hope to continue to work with you to jointly build a global consumer favorite quality shopping city.

Tmall 2017 annual renewal include operational capability assessment and renew the qualification examination of two parts: the former focus on business operation ability, product and service quality, assessment requirements for the "Tmall 2017 annual renewal orders list" assessment criteria; effectiveness and brand licensing link the latter focus on examination of qualification, specific standards for ">

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