When the group purchase fall under the group purchase network gathered against war


The current

years of fame group purchase website, who also did not want to group purchase website actually in such a lonely state to show the tragic scene broken mountains and rivers in the country, when many creditors flocked to the office of the network gathered valuable furniture and appliances swept away, group purchase net profit myth also will suddenly stop. Indeed, for the group purchase website, began to become vulnerable in a crisis of confidence, not a good attitude, perhaps from the group purchase website on the day of the birth is doomed to live to die.

together is not the first nor the last one

Qi collapse in the horizon net 3 months ago, and from the beginning of last year, many consumers to meet network complaints are not satisfied, the group purchase goods refunds owed not to the problem and so on. This is online only from the network gathered almost two years in the face of such problems, "There are no waves without wind.", recently gathered nets have been confirmed is closed.

we know that together network is officially launched in June 7, 2010, this is a catering mainly to the group purchase website, many catering group purchase website, which gathered network development difficult. Its involvement in the industry has restaurants, entertainment, hotels, etc., at least one boutique activities on the line every day. They gathered network dedicated to bring consumers "high quality and inexpensive" feeling, and thoughtful service is the pursuit of the goal of group purchase website. The group purchase website Groupon business model from the gathered network, but its development is short-lived, in group purchase after the bubble burst, gathered nets is facing collapse.

group purchase war will cease


collapsed in this large group purchase website, we have to wonder: absolute gathered nets is not the last collapse of the group purchase website. The so-called group purchase, to know or do not know the consumer consumer groups, because many people can ascend in trading the right to speak, businesses will generally choose the principle of small profits, and give the consumer a relatively favorable price.

buy this seems to be a very good way of spending, in 2010 when the group entered the Chinese market, many businesses and consumers have been sought after. Business value is to buy the amount of consumers, consumers pay more attention to the commodity price problem. Generally buy the goods on the site because of its price advantage and get the favor of many consumers, so these buy site in the business and consumers profit. However, to do a good buy site, the funds should be at least on the first issue worth considering. After the rapid development of group purchase website ushered in the cold period, during this period, many have closed group purchase website.

group purchase website is a platform, in this platform, consumers can achieve mutual benefit and win-win with the business, but generally appear in the group purchase website commodity market is not a good product, really good sales business.

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