The weapon online shopping first sign and then inspection illegal law

with the growing of e-commerce industry, the new model of online shopping has entered into thousands of households, has become more and more popular in many people, especially young consumers a way of consumption. However, due to China’s legislation on the network is not perfect, the intensity of administrative supervision, breadth and depth is not enough, resulting in a lot of disputes on the network consumption.

today is "3· 15" consumer protection day, Liwan District court judge with the disputes concerning the recent regional network consumption, how to do a smart online shopping for consumers Master weapon.

area 1: online shopping peak express to slow delivery

in recent years, some special days (such as double, double eleven) into the online shopping network in order to improve the sales peak, businesses launched numerous promotions and promotions, the trading volume of the surge in the number of online shopping in the short term, however, because the courier company responsible for the delivery of the limited human resources, resulting in a lot of the courier company warehouse parcel delivery delay pile up like a mountain hand, meet the eye everywhere wrong, delivery, damaged goods, lost pieces of the phenomenon also increases.

consumers have said in "double eleven" bought a pair of summer wear high-heeled shoes, usually within 4 days to the parcel waiting for nearly a month before the receipt of the goods. Upon receipt of the goods, the day is cold, high heels can only be shelved.

judge reminded: Express business volume during the holiday season, some courier companies for some remote areas may not be selected. Consumers in the purchase of the former must check out the express delivery, express company will clear whether delivery to the recipient address. If some urgent need the necessities of life, can choose the store or city network businesses to buy; if it is necessary to buy to do express delivery time delayed by the psychological preparation.

is the first inspection area 2: the first sign is

online shopping will most surely encounter this kind of situation, in the shop, the seller "will be marked before open package inspection after the receipt of goods", and some of the express waybill shall indicate this sentence; however, most of the courier company must first sign to dismantle packaging approval.

regulations conflict with each other. The consumer is faced with a situation, if not sign is unable to pick up; if the first sign and then inspection, means that the goods have been tested. Consumers dilemma, it is difficult to pursue responsibility.

judge reminded: This is actually related to the seller and courier company who provides legal and effective, who should be responsible for the quality of the goods. "< courier service > postal industry standard" provides that courier service personnel will express delivery to the recipient, it shall be obliged to inform the recipient face to face acceptance of the express, after acceptance without objection, the acceptance shall be confirmed receipt. "Contract law" article fortieth provides that the provisions of the format of a party to waive its responsibility, increase the other party’s responsibility, excluding the other party’s main rights, the provisions invalid.

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