The former vice president of WAL MART Tmall supermarket Huanshuai China took over the river


" business observers learned exclusively, Alibaba group supermarket business platform – Tmall supermarket before the low-key coaching".

The original Tmall

supermarket general manager Jincheng was transferred to the Alibaba’s acquisition of assets, luxury discount electricity supplier "glamour" responsible person.

general manager of the new Tmall supermarket by the river as the river, and also serves as vice president of Alibaba group.

River in the 1 quarter of 2016 into the Alibaba group, was appointed Vice President of Alibaba group. In June, Jincheng was transferred to the general manager of Tmall supermarket, took over the river.


River "origin" WAL-MART China, served as WAL-MART Chinese Huaxi District Director of operations, central China operations director, operating stores Shop planning department, vice president of WAL-MART China District president. After leaving WAL-MART, which had in SEPHORA (at Sephora). The bank has a wealth of experience in retail operations.

Tmall supermarket following Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan, Alibaba retail business group to build the fourth consumer platform.

is also the Alibaba and Jingdong to compete in the recent fire point". Jingdong was established in March 2016 fresh division, a massive attack on the online supermarket business. June 2016 announced the acquisition of food electricity supplier 1 shop, and reached a strategic cooperation with the global supermarket giant WAL-MART supply chain.

Tmall supermarket is currently the leader in China’s online supermarket market, in mid 2015, it began to force the market in Beijing invested 1 billion 500 million yuan market costs, large-scale development of online supermarket business.

in early 2016, when he was the general manager of Tmall supermarket Jincheng accept business observer interview, said the end of 2015 Tmall supermarket in advance to complete the sales target of $10 billion. 2016 Tmall supermarket to the Beijing market to expand the strong play to more than ten second tier cities.

Alibaba official told the "business observers", after the Tmall supermarket Huanshuai, will adopt the original "brand self mode" development of online supermarket business, Tmall supermarket rush build distribution system, introducing brands, retailers launched proprietary business.

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