Taobao profit small sellers living space small sellers go from here

Ma Yunceng said: within five years to create one million employment opportunities for Chinese is this sentence, we firmly believe that Taobao will be able to, because not only know how to make money is a businessman, but before the Ali group is IPO, Taobao once again to stand in the teeth of the storm.

face B2C industry matures, the trend of increased competition, Taobao business model innovation pain, but it can not face. Let the world is not difficult to do business, Alibaba, but it is difficult to make some small sellers business.

"Taobao’s balance is gradually tilted, the greater the seller’s support is growing, but for new entrants to small sellers, the opportunity is getting smaller and smaller." Yesterday, a Russian IT engineer told reporters.

, the Russian engineer and his colleagues decided to choose Taobao platform, the development of a foreign trade based on the Taobao platform shopping guide website, and plans to operate in the middle of the year.

but in June of this year, a sudden change of the key steps in the process of development for Taobao passenger primary packages "rule, in many rules, they can reach two of them: first, the application calls the API interface of Taobao Taobao customer accounts (hereinafter referred to as" the developer account ") corresponding to the Ali Mama Taobao account the guest membership level for the crown level and above; second, the website ranking in 100 thousand and less than ALEXA.

these two points, we basically can not reach new developers." He told this reporter, previously, the API interface application rules do not have the above two points, although it is also proposed free, but if you want to achieve the requirements of the ALEXA rankings, they need to spend money to buy traffic.

according to the data provided by Taobao, in the past two years, the number of small sellers in the sale of 100 thousand or less, an increase of more than 60%; but the annual sales volume of more than one million sellers increased by only about 33%.

B2C mode will replace C2C mode two become the mainstream of online shopping." China Securities research report pointed out that from the change of retail formats can be seen, more deeply involved in the supply chain, the supply chain integration more retail channels live longer.

thus, comprehensive B2C will eventually replace the pure platform model B2C; core competitiveness of B2C platform model is the user traffic, and the lack of user traffic mode user stickiness is extremely easy to occur huge change; mode of Taobao B2C platform logistics concept is attractive, but it is difficult to practice.

in fact, Taobao as early as June 2011 on a split three, divided into Taobao, Taobao mall and a Amoy, then Juhuasuan once again stripped. January 2013, Taobao has split into 25 divisions, since then, Taobao disappeared stealth.

e-commerce observers Lu Zhenwang analysts believe that the United States have been included in the Taobao USTR "notorious markets list, so to the Alibaba listed undoubtedly bring a negative. > and

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