PayPal account will support a number of online stores without registration

Beijing time on October 12th morning news, in order to attract developers, businesses and users use PayPal payment system, eBay will launch a new service, which allows different online stores to use PayPal account login, without having to register one by one.

this new service called PayPal Access will be released in San Francisco on Wednesday. The theme of this conference is to build the latest eBay X.commerce platform.

eBay John · CEO (John Donahoe) is working to rival the payment system, and to attract more consumers to replace PayPal as a credit card products. The company hopes to use X.commerce technology to simplify the online shopping transaction process, thereby attracting e-commerce sites and online shopping users.

X.commerce spokesman Nuqui · (Anuj Nayar); Anaya said: "no matter where shopping, can create an account without providing information to the business case." With the help of PayPal services, online retailers do not have to pro – able to simplify the site experience, and add more features. These retailers do not have the necessary time and resources to deal with these businesses." He said.

PayPal Access requires retailers to cooperate, but the company has not yet established partnerships with any enterprise.

this week’s conference will aim at about 800 thousand developers for eBay and PayPal design software. In addition, to help businesses manage e-commerce payment, inventory and customer relationships Magento platform will also become the focus of this meeting. PayPal on Tuesday launched a program called Magento Connect for the system, allowing programmers to create and sell software. EBay was acquired earlier this year by Magento.

PayPal will also upgrade the ReadLaser application, which is a company acquired in June 2010 eBay. The application allows mobile users to scan bar code, and the latest version can be used to scan the phone directly after the purchase of goods. (Yu


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